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  60. 90cm x 1000cm1 item
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  63. 90cm x 1300cm1 item
  64. 90cm x 1400cm1 item
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  67. 90cm x 1700cm1 item
  68. 90cm x 1800cm1 item
  69. 90cm x 1900cm1 item
  70. 90cm x 2000cm1 item
  71. 90cm x 2100cm1 item
  72. 90cm x 2200cm1 item
  73. 90cm x 2300cm1 item
  74. 90cm x 2400cm1 item
  75. 90cm x 2500cm1 item
  76. Cut length: 91cm x 30cm (linear ft approx)1 item
  77. 91cm x 400cm1 item
  78. 91cm x 800cm1 item
  79. 91cm x 1200cm1 item
  80. 91cm x 1600cm1 item
  81. 91cm x 2000cm1 item
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  121. 120cm x 1500cm1 item
  122. 120cm x 1600cm1 item
  123. 120cm x 1700cm1 item
  124. 120cm x 1800cm1 item
  125. 120cm x 1900cm1 item
  126. 120cm x 2000cm1 item
  127. 120cm x 2100cm1 item
  128. 120cm x 2200cm1 item
  129. 120cm x 2300cm1 item
  130. 120cm x 2400cm1 item
  131. 120cm x 2500cm1 item
  132. 150cm x 100cm1 item
  133. 150cm x 150cm1 item
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  139. 150cm x 400cm1 item
  140. 150cm x 450cm1 item
  141. 150cm x 500cm1 item
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  143. 180cm x 250cm1 item
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  147. 180cm x 180cm1 item
  148. 180cm x 257cm1 item
  149. 180cm x 373cm1 item
  150. 200cm x 200cm2item
  151. 200cm x 300cm2item
  152. Tile With Holes - 50cm x 50cm1 item
  153. Solid Tile - 50cm x 50cm1 item
  154. Corner Edge - Black1 item
  155. Corner Edge - Yellow1 item
  156. Female Edge - Black1 item
  157. Female Edge - Yellow1 item
  158. Male Edge - Black1 item
  159. Male Edge - Yellow1 item
  160. Full Roll: 120cm x 10m1 item
  161. Full Roll: 90cm x 10m1 item
  162. 90cm x 90cm (Black)1 item
  163. 90cm x 90cm (B1 Nitrile)1 item
  164. 75cm x 0.1cm (Black Nitrile)1 item
  165. 75cm x 0.1cm (Yellow Nitrile)1 item
  166. 75cm x 0.1cm (Black)1 item
  167. 75cm x 0.1cm (Yellow)1 item
  168. 75cm x 0.1cm (B1- Yellow)1 item
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Industrial Entrance Mats - Industrial Door Mats & Floor Mats

The most effective way to stop dirt and moisture from entering your industrial building is by using high-quality industrial door mats and industrial entrance mats. All of our industrial entrance mats for businesses are top of the range quality and designed for high foot traffic areas that will last 5 years or more.

Our bestselling industrial entrance mats are our Waterhog mats range – they are hard wearing, bi-level industrial floor mats that scrape and wipe dirt from footwear, the dirt is then stored in the mat until it is cleaned so that it is not tracked around your premises. These heavy duty entrance mats commercial use, or industrial use, either way will last years.

Ideally, an industrial or factory premises would use an industrial entrance matting system, by combining our outdoor mats with an industrial door mat, and also an indoor finishing mat. These industrial floor mats will ensure maximum dirt removal and keep your floors as clean as possible.

What are the features and specifications of the industrial floor mats?

In our extensive range of industrial floor mats, we offer a diverse selection of features and specifications designed to accommodate various workplace environments. Our mats are thoughtfully constructed to provide exceptional functionality and durability.

One of our primary features is anti-fatigue construction, which helps reduce discomfort and fatigue for workers who spend long hours standing. Additionally, our mats are puncture-resistant to withstand heavy use and provide long-lasting performance.

To enhance safety in the workplace, our mats come with bevelled edges to minimise tripping hazards and ensure smooth transitions. Furthermore, our mats feature non-slip surfaces to provide excellent traction and prevent accidents caused by slippery conditions.

In terms of customization, we offer a wide range of sizes, depths, and colours to meet different preferences and needs. Some of our mats are available in classic options such as black, blue, brown, grey, and red, allowing you to coordinate them with your workspace decor. 

We offer customised solutions to meet unique style preferences and functional needs through our bespoke floor mat service. We recognize the diversity in customer requirements and preferences, which is why we provide the option to tailor floor mats in various sizes and colours. This personalised approach ensures that the floor mats not only fit the dimensions and aesthetic of the property but also align with individual tastes and design specifications.

Non-slip nitrile rubber as the backing material for their floor mats. This choice ensures that the mats stay firmly in place on various flooring types, such as carpets and tiles, preventing slips and enhancing safety within your property.

Moreover, we understand that some businesses may require specific features to meet their unique requirements. That's why we provide mats that are machine washable for easy maintenance, and the option to create made-to-measure custom sizes tailored to your space

To address various levels of foot traffic, we offer mats with different grades suitable for heavy, light, and medium foot traffic areas. This ensures that your mat not only meets your safety needs but also stands up to the demands of your specific work environment.

Additionally, we have a range of mats with specific purposes to cater to various needs. For instance, our selection includes anti-slip mats to prevent slips and falls, anti-static mats to protect sensitive electronic equipment, barrier mats to trap dirt and moisture, and cable protector mats to safeguard cables and prevent accidents.

In summary, our industrial floor mats boast numerous features and specifications, including anti-fatigue construction, puncture-resistance, bevelled edges, and non-slip surfaces. They are available in various sizes, depths, and colours. We also offer customization options, special features like machine washability, as well as varying foot traffic grades and mats for specific purposes.

What types of industrial floor mats are available in the market?

In the market, there are various types of industrial floor mats available for different workplace environments. These mats are specifically designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements of industrial settings. Some common types of industrial floor mats include anti-fatigue mats, which are constructed to reduce fatigue and discomfort for workers who stand for long periods of time. There are also puncture-resistant mats designed to provide protection against sharp objects or heavy equipment. Mats with bevelled edges ensure smooth transitions and prevent tripping hazards. Additionally, non-slip surface mats are available to enhance workplace safety and prevent accidents caused by slippery floors.

Other types of industrial floor mats included in the safety mat range are: Anti-Fatigue mats, Anti-Slip mats, Dust control mats, Runner mats, Workshop mats, and Anti-Static mats. Each mat serves a specific purpose and can be found in the commercial range of products in the market.

Our range of floor mats is crafted from high-quality materials such as solution-dried nylon, which not only enhances durability but also creates a mottled effect that effectively disguises any dirt, allowing more time between cleanings. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining a professional appearance in high-traffic areas.

Our mats are available in a variety of colours and sizes, ensuring that there is an option to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of any workplace. We take pride in our quick delivery and stock availability, making it easy for businesses to receive their mats promptly. Our selection includes mats designed for indoor and outdoor use, each tailored to either scrape off or wipe debris from shoes, thereby maintaining cleanliness and safety at the entrance of any property.

By offering such a diverse and high-quality selection of floor mats, we cater to a broad range of industrial applications, ensuring that every business can find the perfect mat to meet their specific requirements. Whether you are looking for a mat to enhance safety, manage dirt, or both, our extensive range provides practical solutions for maintaining a clean, safe, and efficient workplace. Types of industrial floor mats include:

Anti-Fatigue mats

Anti-Slip mats

Dust control mats 

Runner mats 

Workshop mats

 and Anti-Static mats

Each mat serves a specific purpose and can be found in the commercial range of products in the market.

What are industrial door mats and their purposes?

Industrial door mats are highly functional tools that serve multiple purposes in various settings, such as offices, workspaces, and industrial environments. These specialised mats have been designed to provide effective protection against the accumulation of dirt, muck, and other outside contaminants at the entrances.

One essential purpose they serve is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene within the premises by preventing the transfer of dirt and debris from the shoes of employees, visitors, and customers. By acting as a barrier, industrial door mats help to keep the floors clean and free from potential hazards that may result from the accumulation of substances like mud, rainwater, oils, or chemicals.

Commercial floor mats are specifically designed to remove debris from the shoes of visitors. These mats are most effectively placed either outside the property or just inside the entrance as an indoor mat.

Another significant purpose of industrial door mats is to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals within the workplace. Some of these mats are specifically designed with absorbent qualities, making them highly effective in reducing slip and fall accidents, which can lead to injuries and downtime. By effectively combating moisture and liquid build-up, these mats contribute to creating a safer environment for employees and visitors alike.

Moreover, in industrial settings, where heavy machinery or equipment may be in use, industrial door mats also act as a protective barrier, preventing the entry of harmful substances like dust, grit, or metal shards. This proactive approach to mitigating potential hazards supports employers in meeting their duty of care to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

In summary, industrial door mats are versatile tools that serve the purposes of maintaining cleanliness, preventing slip hazards, and protecting individuals and equipment in various settings.

How do industrial mats demonstrate concern for employee safety and welfare?

The implementation of industrial floor mats demonstrates to employees that their safety and welfare are a priority for the company. By investing in high-quality industrial mats that come with performance guarantees, employers show their commitment to providing a safe working environment. This fosters a sense of trust and reassurance among employees regarding their well-being.

How do industrial mats contribute to the cleanliness of the workplace?

Industrial mats contribute to the cleanliness of the workplace by ensuring that floors are cleaner. They effectively trap dirt and debris, preventing them from being tracked around the premises. This not only keeps the floors cleaner but also helps in maintaining a hygienic environment for employees.

How do industrial mats increase the safety of employees?

Industrial mats increase the safety of employees by reducing the risk of slips and trips. These mats are specifically designed to provide anti-slip properties, ensuring that employees can move around the workplace without the fear of accidents. Additionally, the availability of safety mats, anti-slip mats, and anti-fatigue mats further enhances employee safety and well-being.

How do industrial mats improve the working conditions for staff?

Industrial mats improve the working conditions for staff by providing increased comfort and reducing the risk of slips and trips. They create better underfoot conditions for workers, making their tasks more comfortable and reducing fatigue. This ultimately contributes to a more positive and productive workplace environment.

Where can floor mats be used within a building? 

Floor mats are an essential component in any building, serving various purposes from enhancing safety to preserving cleanliness and aesthetics. In the United Kingdom (UK), floor mats find applications across residential, commercial, and industrial settings, providing benefits such as slip resistance, dirt and moisture containment, ergonomic support, and branding opportunities. Among the diverse types available, industrial floor mats, industrial rubber mats, commercial rubber mats, and industrial door mats stand out for their robustness and versatility in demanding environments.

Industrial floor mats play a crucial role in industrial settings, where safety and durability are paramount. These heavy-duty mats are designed to withstand high traffic, machinery movement, and exposure to oils, chemicals, and other hazardous substances commonly found in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and factories. In the UK, industrial floor mats are constructed from sturdy materials such as rubber, PVC, or polyurethane, offering superior resilience and traction on slippery surfaces. Their anti-fatigue properties help reduce worker discomfort and fatigue, contributing to improved productivity and well-being in industrial workplaces.

Industrial rubber mats, a subset of industrial floor mats, offer exceptional durability and resilience against heavy loads and harsh conditions. Manufactured from high-quality rubber compounds, these mats provide superior impact absorption, noise reduction, and insulation properties, making them ideal for use in areas with machinery, equipment, or vehicular traffic. In the UK, industrial rubber mats are commonly employed in workshops, garages, loading docks, and assembly lines to enhance safety, protect flooring, and minimise maintenance costs associated with wear and tear.

Commercial rubber mats cater to a wide range of non-industrial applications in commercial establishments, retail stores, offices, and public buildings across the UK. These versatile mats come in various sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. From entrance mats that trap dirt and moisture to anti-slip mats that prevent accidents in wet or slippery areas, commercial rubber mats offer practical solutions for enhancing safety, cleanliness, and brand image in commercial spaces.

Industrial door mats serve as the first line of defence against dirt, debris, and moisture entering a building through entry points such as doors and loading docks. These durable mats are strategically placed to capture and contain contaminants before they spread further indoors, thereby reducing cleaning efforts and preserving indoor air quality. In the UK, industrial door mats are essential for maintaining hygiene standards and prolonging the lifespan of interior flooring surfaces in high-traffic areas like hospitals, schools, hotels, and shopping malls.

In addition to their functional benefits, floor mats also serve as effective branding tools, allowing businesses to showcase their logos, slogans, or brand colours to visitors and customers. Customizable options such as logo mats and promotional mats enable businesses to create a welcoming atmosphere while reinforcing their brand identity. In the UK, commercial establishments leverage the branding potential of floor mats to create memorable impressions and foster customer loyalty, whether through bespoke designs or standard offerings tailored to specific industry requirements.

In conclusion, floor mats play a vital role in enhancing safety, cleanliness, and aesthetics within buildings across the UK. From industrial floor mats designed for heavy-duty applications to commercial rubber mats offering versatility and style, these essential accessories contribute to a safer, more comfortable, and more welcoming environment for occupants and visitors alike. By investing in high-quality floor mats, businesses and organisations can mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and elevate their brand image in today's competitive marketplace.

How do industrial mats address the challenges posed by COVID-19?

Industrial mats have adapted to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 by introducing social distancing mats. These mats help encourage best practices in the workplace, ensuring that employees maintain safe distances from each other. By incorporating such mats, industrial clients can effectively address the specific safety concerns brought about by the pandemic, prioritising the health and well-being of their workforce.

How can industrial floor mats be ordered from Mats4U?

Ordering industrial floor mats from Mats4U is a seamless and hassle-free experience. When it comes to standard safety or industrial mats, you have two convenient options for placing an order.

Firstly, find the item you would like to purchase, where you can specify the size, colour, and any additional details required in order for you to proceed to the checkout process. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can give our sales team a call and provide them with all the necessary information.

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence. If you're in a hurry to receive your industrial floor mats, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 0121 313 6748 or emailing [email protected]. We are committed to working with you to meet your target delivery date. Furthermore, we offer free delivery within the UK, and for international customers, we have convenient delivery options.

Contact us today, and our team will be delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect, high-quality industrial floor mats to meet your specific needs. You can visit our Contact us page or, during UK office hours, utilise our Live Chat to connect with our industrial mat experts promptly.