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Looking for the perfect, high-performance rubber entrance mat for your business? At Mats4U we are experts when it comes to durable, hard-wearing commercial and industrial mats and we have an online range of high-quality rubber mats with non-slip and sound cushioning properties. Designed to enhance the entrance to your business or busy reception area, rubber mats from Mats4U help to not only prevent the transfer of dirt and water from entering your business premises, but also to protect wooden, tiled, marble and carpeted floors from becoming worn over time, even in high traffic areas. With a range of mat rolls for larger runs or fixed sizes for smaller areas, browse our online range and find a rubber mat to meet your individual business needs.

At Mats4U we not only offer rubber entrance matting, but also non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-fatigue and rolled rubber matting to name a few. They also come in a range of sizes for small, medium, large and complicated areas, ensuring your floor space has maximum coverage.

The Importance and Purpose of Rubber Mats

According to the HSE, slips and trips remains the most common cause of injury at work in the UK. This can lead to poor work production and employee absenteeism. Rubber mats are designed to prevent accidents from occurring and improve working conditions.

Not only do rubber mats prevent slip and fall accidents, they can also serve many other purposes including:

  • Promoting health and safety
  • Improving working conditions
  • Sound cushioning
  • Provides comfort and warmth underfoot for those who stand for long periods
  • Protects floors against dirt, water and other spillages
  • Prevents dirt and water being brought inside

Types of Rubber Mats  

As rubber mats can serve a number of different purposes, we have a large selection of rubber mats for different purposes and applications. Please refer to the product descriptions to see which mat suits your needs.

Outdoor Rubber Entrance Mats

If you’re looking for a robust outdoor entrance mat, you’ve come to the right place! Our rubber mats are built to sustain high foot traffic whilst safeguarding your facility against dirt and water. Also reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls. The strong rubber allows our mats to endure harsh weather conditions and scrape away heavy dirt, snow and excess water.  Check out Value Rubber Scraper or Value Rubber Scraper with holes with the added value of drainage holes, both make ideal outdoor entrance mat solutions. - effective at removing tough dirt and moisture from footwear and wheels.

Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats 

Some of our rubber mats contain anti-fatigue properties, designed for workers who are required to stand for a long period of time, especially on hard and cold floors. Our rubber anti-fatigue mats reduce fatigue and prevent associated serious musculoskeletal health issues, whilst protecting your floors. An excellent example is our Hog Heaven Heavy Duty Anti-Fatigue Mats. The textured nitrile rubber surface enhances non-slip capabilities and is ideal for wet or dry conditions. Perfect for industrial settings.

Chemical, Oil and Grease Resistant Rubber Mats

Most of our rubber floors mats are chemical, oil and grease resistant. Some are also equipped with large drainage holes to allow fluids to escape through the mat. This prevents fluid build-up and delivers a safe walking surface for users. If you require a chemical, grease and oil resistant rubber mat, please check our Chemical Compatibility Chart for more information.

Where can Rubber Mats be Placed?

Rubber mats can be placed in many different areas. The Traction Tread Non-Slip Roll Matting is ideal for factory floors as it helps to prevent slips, trips and falls due to its non-slip quality. Made with nitrile rubber, this mat can safely be used in both wet and dry areas, indoor and outdoor and has added anti-fatigue properties. For areas prone to spills such as food and beverage industries, the Comfort Flow Anti Fatigue Rubber Mats are constructed of 100% high density nitrile rubber and is superior in grease and oil resistance than other grease proof mats. With a flow-through design that allows water and debris to escape away from the feet, this mat will help to minimise accidents at work.

Other areas Rubber Mats can be used include:

  • Entrances
  • Restaurants and café
  • Bars
  • Distributions centres and warehouses
  • Multiple industrial heavy-duty locations

Need more help choosing the right Rubber Mats for your application?

If you need more guidance on picking the right rubber mat, we are here to help. For more information, please call us on 0122 313 6748. Alternatively, you can send us your enquires using our Contact page, or email us at sales@mats4u.co.uk.