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Kitchen Mats

Spilling grease and oil on kitchen floors is inevitable and so it’s important to ensure they are suitably covered with the correct matting to prevent slips, trips, falls and injury in the workplace. The non-slip mat range available from Mats4U ensure safety in the work place using specific flow-through holes in their surface area to allow oil, grease and any other liquid to drain through the holes without taking away from the mat’s sturdy underfoot traction. This provides both a safe standing and walking surface during, before and after shift and ensures that your workplace is adhering to all of the relevant health and safety laws.

As well as preventing slipping, the range of anti-fatigue rubber mats available at Mats4U provide support to those that are standing for hours on end whilst working, ensuring they maintain the correct posture which, in the long turn, will prevent workers from suffering from spinal problems or any other strains and injuries that are associated with incorrect posture. The mats work by alleviating stress to the muscles and joints which can become debilitating over time, causing pain and discomfort. 

Mats4U anti-fatigue mats are also made from greaseproof material which is perfect for any food and drink spillages that inevitably occur in a busy kitchen environment. Greaseproof matting will absorb grease and oil but will not become saturated and break down over time as regular matting might. The mats are made from high quality material, ensuring their durability in the kitchen for as long as five years. Kitchen matting is also essential to kitchen hygiene, ensuring that any dirt workers might pick up underfoot is scraped and wiped from the shoes and no germs are spread further around the kitchen.

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