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Bar Floor Mats - Anti Fatigue & Non Slip Rubber Bar Floor Mats

The area behind a bar is notorious for all kinds of drink spillages, making it a wet, slippy and sticky area that can become the ultimate cause of slips, trips and falls, putting bar workers at a huge health and safety risk. With the correct choice of matting from Mats4U, you can ensure that your bar area remains safe and secure, with enough traction under foot to make sure staff aren’t in danger of slipping and causing themselves an injury.

Mats4U non-slip matting is the perfect solution to ensuring bar staff’s safety as well as keeping the working area clean, tidy and hygienic at all times. Obviously, bar space comes in all different shapes and sizes, with some having very little space to work with and others covering a large surface area. The great thing about Mats4U non-slip matting is that it can be cut down to your preferred size, meaning you’re guaranteed to receive a mat that is the correct size.

There are a range of different types of bar roll mats, but if your staff are working long hours on their feet, it is worth considering making an investment in roll mats of the cushioned variety that are specifically designed to alleviate stress to the joints and muscles which can help to protect the spine and prevent any long term joint and muscle injury. The comfort flow anti-fatigue rubber mats are perfect for this.

If you need help choosing the perfect mat for your bar area and would like to talk to an expert, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mats4U where someone will be happy to assist you in preventing any dangerous slips, trips or falls behind your bar. To get in touch, Go to our Contact us page, or, during UK office hours or if you prefer to contact us online, you can use our Live Chat.