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  6. 45cm x 2000cm1 item
  7. 45cm x 2400cm1 item
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  10. 60cm x 90cm3item
  11. 60cm x 100cm2item
  12. 60cm x 150cm1 item
  13. 60cm x 200cm1 item
  14. 60cm x 250cm1 item
  15. 60cm x 300cm1 item
  16. 60cm x 350cm1 item
  17. 60cm x 400cm2item
  18. 60cm x 450cm1 item
  19. 60cm x 500cm1 item
  20. 60cm x 550cm1 item
  21. 60cm x 800cm1 item
  22. 60cm x 1200cm1 item
  23. 60cm x 1600cm1 item
  24. 60cm x 2000cm1 item
  25. 60cm x 2400cm1 item
  26. Full roll: 60cm x 10m1 item
  27. 75cm x 85cm3item
  28. 76cm x 92cm1 item
  29. 61cm x 89cm2item
  30. 61cm x 91cm1 item
  31. 80cm x 120cm2item
  32. 85cm x 115cm4item
  33. 85cm x 150cm4item
  34. 85cm x 300cm4item
  35. 86cm x 147cm1 item
  36. 86cm x 295cm1 item
  37. 89cm x 114cm1 item
  38. 89cm x 117cm1 item
  39. 89cm x 142cm1 item
  40. 89cm x 147cm1 item
  41. 89cm x 150cm2item
  42. 89cm x 241cm1 item
  43. 89cm x 244cm1 item
  44. 89cm x 295cm1 item
  45. 90cm x 120cm1 item
  46. 90cm x 150cm4item
  47. 91cm x 400cm1 item
  48. 91cm x 800cm1 item
  49. 91cm x 1200cm1 item
  50. 91cm x 1600cm1 item
  51. 91cm x 2000cm1 item
  52. 91cm x 2400cm1 item
  53. Full roll: 91cm x 10m1 item
  54. 100cm x 150cm2item
  55. 100cm x 210cm2item
  56. 110cm x 200cm2item
  57. 114cm x 175cm3item
  58. 114cm x 178cm1 item
  59. 114cm x 180cm1 item
  60. 114cm x 244cm1 item
  61. 114cm x 295cm1 item
  62. 114cm x 300cm1 item
  63. 114cm x 303cm1 item
  64. 114cm x 361cm1 item
  65. 115cm x 180cm5item
  66. 115cm x 200cm3item
  67. 115cm x 240cm3item
  68. 115cm x 300cm4item
  69. 120cm x 180cm1 item
  70. Full roll: 120cm x 500cm1 item
  71. 150cm x 100cm1 item
  72. 150cm x 150cm1 item
  73. 150cm x 200cm4item
  74. 150cm x 240cm3item
  75. 150cm x 250cm1 item
  76. 150cm x 300cm4item
  77. 150cm x 350cm1 item
  78. 150cm x 400cm1 item
  79. 150cm x 450cm1 item
  80. 150cm x 500cm1 item
  81. 150cm x 550cm1 item
  82. 180cm x 250cm1 item
  83. 175cm x 241cm1 item
  84. 178cm x 241cm1 item
  85. 178cm x 361cm1 item
  86. 180cm x 180cm1 item
  87. 180cm x 257cm1 item
  88. 180cm x 373cm1 item
  89. 200cm x 200cm2item
  90. 200cm x 300cm3item
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Shop Entrance Mats

Make the best first impression you can with our shop entrance mats. Made from a number of materials including rubber, carpet and coir amongst others, our selection of our entrance mats can be cut to size and personalised with your organisation’s logo.

Our custom-made logo mats can be used both indoor or outdoor and are an effective way to make a positive first impression while also preventing dirt and moisture from entering a building or area. With no hidden artwork or set up fees you can choose from over 60 colours and match your entrance mat to your unique logo. All our logo mats are designed to cope with heavy footfall areas. 

For entrance ways that have a heavy footfall, our heavy-duty shop entrance mats will stand the test of time. Designed to cope with demanding conditions our heavy-duty mats are durable and are resistant to general wear and tear and will prevent dirt, dust and water being tracked in, and reduce the likelihood of accidents such as slips, trips and falls.

If you want a more natural and eco-friendly shop entrance mat our range of coir mats can be cut to size. Made of sustainable coconut fibres, our coir entrance mats are PVC backed to prevent moisture from seeping onto the floor. For busy areas opt for the Supercoir mat, a heavy duty and durable coir mat that can take a pounding.

We have put together a Buyer's Guide for Retail Matting to help you choose the right shop entrance for your application.

As a leading supplier of retail matting, all our shop entrance mats are designed to provide a comfortable, safe and practical working environment. All our mats can be cleaned in a variety of ways such as with a vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner washing machine or with a stiff brush. 

Why are entrance mats important for shops?

Entrance mats serve as the first line of defence against dirt, moisture, and debris being tracked into the shop. They help maintain cleanliness, reduce slip hazards, protect flooring, and create a positive first impression for customers.

What types of entrance mats are suitable for shops?

Several types of entrance mats are suitable for shops, including scraper mats, absorbent mats, combination mats, and logo mats. The choice depends on factors such as the level of foot traffic, weather conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

How do scraper mats differ from absorbent mats?

Scraper mats are designed to remove dirt and debris from footwear with their coarse surface texture, while absorbent mats are engineered to soak up moisture and prevent it from being tracked indoors. Combination mats often combine both scraper and absorbent properties for comprehensive protection.

Can entrance mats help enhance the shop's branding?

Yes, entrance mats can be customised with the shop's logo, name, or other branding elements. Custom logo mats not only reinforce brand identity but also add a professional and personalised touch to the entrance, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Are anti-slip features important in entrance mats for shops?

Yes, anti-slip features are crucial in entrance mats to prevent slip and fall accidents, especially during wet or rainy weather. Mats with slip-resistant backings or textures provide added safety for both customers and employees entering the shop.

How often should entrance mats be cleaned in a shop?

Entrance mats should be cleaned regularly to maintain their effectiveness. High-traffic shops may require daily vacuuming or sweeping, while deeper cleaning methods such as shampooing or steam cleaning can be performed weekly or monthly, depending on the level of dirt accumulation.

Can entrance mats be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, many entrance mats are designed for versatile use and can be placed both indoors and outdoors. However, it's essential to choose mats specifically rated for outdoor use if they will be exposed to the elements to ensure durability and effectiveness.

How do I choose the right size of entrance mat for my shop?

The size of the entrance mat depends on the dimensions of the entryway and the anticipated foot traffic. Ideally, the mat should be large enough to cover the entire width of the entrance and allow multiple steps for effective dirt and moisture removal before entering the shop.

Do entrance mats require any special maintenance or installation considerations?

Entrance mats generally require straightforward maintenance, such as regular cleaning and occasional replacement when worn out. During installation, ensure the mat lays flat and securely grips the floor surface to prevent tripping hazards.

Can entrance mats help save on cleaning costs for shops?

Yes, entrance mats can help save on cleaning costs by trapping dirt and moisture at the door, reducing the amount of cleaning required inside the shop. By extending the lifespan of flooring and minimising the need for frequent mopping or vacuuming, entrance mats offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining cleanliness.

How can shop entrance mats be ordered from Mats4U?

Ordering shop entrance mats from Mats4U is a seamless and hassle-free experience. When it comes to shop entrance mats, you have two convenient options for placing an order.

Firstly, find the item you would like to purchase, where you can specify the size, colour, and any additional details required in order for you to proceed to the checkout process. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can give our sales team a call and provide them with all the necessary information.

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence. If you're in a hurry to receive your shop entrance mats, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 0121 313 6748 or emailing [email protected]. We are committed to working with you to meet your target delivery date. Furthermore, we offer free delivery within the UK, and for international customers, we have convenient delivery options.

Contact us today, and our team will be delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect, high-quality shop entrance mats to meet your specific needs. You can visit our Contact us page or, during UK office hours, utilise our Live Chat to connect with our shop entrance mat experts promptly.