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Changing Room Mats

Unsurprisingly, school changing rooms are a high-risk area when it comes to slips, trips and falls and so the correct matting is essential to ensure that the area is safe for pupils and teachers alike. In changing rooms and showers, you should consider using open grid matting (matting containing holes) to protect areas that become a high risk when wet. Mats4U open grid, anti-slip matting allows water to drain away through the holes which means the surface remains perfect for providing traction underfoot, for a completely non-slip area.

In addition to having matting that prevents slips and falls, it should also have a surface area that is comfortable to walk on in bare feet. As well as comfort, it is important to consider a mat that can maintain high levels of hygiene, particularly in changing rooms where bare feet and water are both present. School changing room floors will often experience a high volume of footfall due to lessons taking place all day, five days a week so it’s important that the area is kept clean and as germ-free as possible. Mats4U provide matting that is treated with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial chemicals such as Heronrib and Ultima which are designed to prevent the spread of germs and infection – perfect for a changing room environment, particularly in a school where health and safety is of the utmost importance. These chemicals also disguise the inevitable odours that occur over time in school changing rooms ensuring that the area remains fresh throughout the day’s many PE and gym lessons.

If you need help choosing the right mats that are suitable specifically for your changing rooms then do not hesitate to get in touch with the Mats4U team for help and advice.

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