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Cashier Mats

The retail environment is fast-paced, and in areas where staff such as cashiers and customer services advisors are standing in one spot for a prolonged period of time, having the right anti-fatigue matting is essential. Anti-fatigue matting can help to alleviate stress on muscles and joints and it also encourages subtle small movements that help keep the blood circulating. For staff members, cashier mats provide a comfortable and warm standing area that help them focus on their work and helping to increase productivity.

Staff who are comfortable and are not suffering from fatigue tend to be more productive and provide your customers with a higher level of customer service. Studies have shown that the use of anti-fatigue mats can reduce employee fatigue by as much as 50%. For more information on how cashier mats can help enhance employee wellbeing click here.

If your cashier and customer service representatives use chairs, anti-fatigue mats can help protect your floor against wear and tear damage from chair legs and castors. Cashier mats can also help prevent accidents in the workplace such as slips, trips and falls. Standing on a cold hard floor for long prolonged periods is known to cause joint, back and muscle issues. 

Depending on your needs, we have a number of cashier mats that will suit most environments. From ones that let moisture seep through to highly visible mats with yellow borders. For more information on which mat is right for you click here to read our retail matting buyers guide.

 All our mats are designed with safety, practicality and comfort in mind. They are easy to clean and hardwearing. If you have any questions or are not sure what you are looking for contact us or speak to us via Live chat (open during standard UK office hours)