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  1. Custom Size4item
  2. D:3mm x W:1m x L:10m1 item
  3. D:3mm x W:1.20m x L:10m2item
  4. D:6mm x W:1.2m x L:10m1 item
  5. 45cm x 117cm1 item
  6. Cut length: 60cm x 30cm (linear ft approx)1 item
  7. 60cm x 76cm Refillable 60 Layer Pads1 item
  8. 60cm x 85cm7item
  9. 60cm x 90cm3item
  10. 60cm x 100cm1 item
  11. 60cm x 150cm1 item
  12. 60cm x 200cm1 item
  13. 60cm x 250cm1 item
  14. 60cm x 300cm1 item
  15. 60cm x 350cm1 item
  16. 60cm x 400cm1 item
  17. 60cm x 450cm1 item
  18. 60cm x 500cm1 item
  19. 60cm x 550cm1 item
  20. Pack of 60 inserts: 61cm x 76cm3item
  21. 75cm x 85cm3item
  22. 61cm x 89cm1 item
  23. Frame 67 x 81cm (2ft 2in x 2ft 8in approx) & 60 inserts 61 x 76cm1 item
  24. Mat and Frame 67cm x 161cm & 60 inserts 61cm x 76cm1 item
  25. 80cm x 60cm1 item
  26. 80cm x 130cm1 item
  27. 85cm x 115cm6item
  28. 85cm x 150cm7item
  29. 85cm x 300cm5item
  30. Pack of 60 inserts: 86cm x 112cm2item
  31. 85cm x 120cm1 item
  32. 89cm x 119cm2item
  33. 89cm x 149cm1 item
  34. 90cm x 100cm1 item
  35. 90cm x 120cm4item
  36. 90cm x 150cm3item
  37. 90cm x 180cm2item
  38. 90cm x 200cm1 item
  39. 90cm x 300cm1 item
  40. 90cm x 400cm1 item
  41. 90cm x 500cm1 item
  42. 90cm x 600cm1 item
  43. 90cm x 700cm1 item
  44. 90cm x 800cm1 item
  45. 90cm x 900cm1 item
  46. 90cm x 1000cm1 item
  47. 90cm x 1100cm1 item
  48. 90cm x 1200cm1 item
  49. 90cm x 1300cm1 item
  50. 90cm x 1400cm1 item
  51. 90cm x 1500cm1 item
  52. 90cm x 1600cm1 item
  53. 90cm x 1700cm1 item
  54. 90cm x 1800cm1 item
  55. 90cm x 1900cm1 item
  56. 90cm x 2000cm1 item
  57. 90cm x 2100cm1 item
  58. 90cm x 2200cm1 item
  59. 90cm x 2300cm1 item
  60. 90cm x 2400cm1 item
  61. 90cm x 2500cm1 item
  62. Cut length: 91cm x 30cm (linear ft approx)1 item
  63. 92cm x 121cm1 item
  64. Frame 93cm x 117cm (3ft x 4ft approx) & 60 inserts 86 x 112cm1 item
  65. 99cm x 125cm1 item
  66. 114cm x 175cm1 item
  67. 115cm x 180cm5item
  68. 115cm x 200cm3item
  69. 115cm x 240cm3item
  70. 115cm x 300cm4item
  71. 120cm x 150cm2item
  72. 120cm x 180cm1 item
  73. 120cm x 100cm1 item
  74. 120cm x 200cm1 item
  75. 120cm x 300cm1 item
  76. 120cm x 400cm1 item
  77. 120cm x 500cm1 item
  78. 120cm x 600cm1 item
  79. 120cm x 700cm1 item
  80. 120cm x 800cm1 item
  81. 120cm x 900cm1 item
  82. 120cm x 1000cm1 item
  83. 120cm x 1100cm1 item
  84. 120cm x 1300cm1 item
  85. 120cm x 1400cm1 item
  86. 120cm x 1500cm1 item
  87. 120cm x 1600cm1 item
  88. 120cm x 1700cm1 item
  89. 120cm x 1800cm1 item
  90. 120cm x 1900cm1 item
  91. 120cm x 2000cm1 item
  92. 120cm x 2100cm1 item
  93. 120cm x 2200cm1 item
  94. 120cm x 2300cm1 item
  95. 120cm x 2400cm1 item
  96. 120cm x 2500cm1 item
  97. 150cm x 100cm1 item
  98. 150cm x 150cm1 item
  99. 150cm x 200cm4item
  100. 150cm x 240cm3item
  101. 150cm x 250cm1 item
  102. 150cm x 300cm4item
  103. 150cm x 350cm1 item
  104. 150cm x 400cm1 item
  105. 150cm x 450cm1 item
  106. 150cm x 500cm1 item
  107. 150cm x 550cm1 item
  108. 200cm x 200cm2item
  109. 200cm x 300cm3item
  110. 120cm x 75cm1 item
  111. 75cm x 119cm1 item
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Indoor Mats

At Mats4U, we provide a range of high quality, highly absorbent and durable indoor mats, allowing your environment to remain safe and clean. We also have a collection of colours, sizes, backing options and materials.

Made with the highest quality materials, our indoor mats help to control dust and protect floors and carpets from damage, especially in high traffic areas such as reception areas, corridors and offices. Made to help capture dirt and moisture from footwear, our range of entrance mats include our bestselling Tri Grip Heavy Duty mat, which is hardwearing and made to last. Another benefit of indoor mats is that they are also being used to help prevent slips, trips and falls in high risk areas. Entrance mats can also help to prevent slips in areas that are prone to wet floors, such as by vending machines that supply hot drinks, as well as water coolers and water butts.

Benefits of an Indoor Mat

Besides being a barrier for unwanted particles and bacteria, you can reap many benefits from using our indoor mats, such as:

  • Minimises the risk of slip and fall accidents by removing dirt and moisture from shoes
  • Provides a safe walking surface
  • Protects floors from damage
  • Improves air quality by controlling dust
  • Saves money and reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance
  • Enhances décor and can be used a decorative piece

Where can Indoor Mats be placed?

We have door mats suitable for all commercial, residential and industrial environments and can be placed anywhere near entrance ways, areas prone to spillages or areas with lots of dust. This includes:

  • All entrances
  • Fresh food aisles
  • Florist displays
  • Near water filters and vending machines
  • Long corridors
  • Reception areas
  • School classrooms
  • Canteens

No matter where you place our indoor mats, they have the power to prevent slips and falls and to prevent your floors from dirt, dust and water.

Choosing the right sized Indoor Mat

Its important to have the right size mat for your application. For example, if you are using the mat as an entrance mat, it needs to be large enough for visitor to take multiple steps on the mat, to effectively remove dirt and water from footwear. As we know visitors and customers don’t tend to wipe their feet! If you are using an indoor mat for a spillage area, it needs to be large enough to catch and splashes and soak up the required liquid.   We have runner floor mats for longer areas like corridors, and some of our mats can even be made in custom sizes to suit your requirements.

Coloured Indoor Mats

For aesthetic purposes, we offer a variety of different colours in our Indoor Mat range. This allows you to choose the perfect mat that compliments your décor. Our Tri Grip Heavy Duty is available in a choice of 12 different colours. If you’d like something more unique, check out our Solid Colour Mats.

Types of Indoor Mats

Indoor Mats have a number of different uses or applications, which means there are different types of indoor mat to suit each individual placement.

Dust Control Indoor Mats – An indoor mat that is used to collect finer dirt and dust from inside your premises, to keep your carpets and floors looking clean and presentable. Specialist dust control mats can be used for more sensitive areas such as labs, health facilities, sports halls and computer rooms.

Floor Protection Indoor Mats – Used to protect flooring from damage, whether it be your carpets or hard floors. Indoor floor protector mats are best placed in areas of high foot traffic, such as near entrances, reception areas, vending machines, underneath chairs and desks. 

Indoor Logo Mats – An indoor logo mat can serve both above purposes, as well as great a great first impression to visitors and customers. They can also used to display messages or warnings.

Indoor Runner Mats - Specifically designed for lengthier areas and prevents dirt and water from spreading inside facilities. Our favourite is the Trip Grip Heavy Duty Length Runner Mat.

How long will an Indoor Mat last and when should I replace it?

How long your indoor mat will last can depending on several factors:

  1. The type of backing – rubber backed mats will always be longer lasting than PVC or Vinyl.
  2. The amount of mat pile – look for the weight of the face fabric, the heavier the better!
  3. Where the mat is placed – busy entrances will require a more durable mat in order to increase the life span. Mats placed at a water cooler which isn’t used regularly could last you a lifetime!


Look out for edges that are cracked, curled or split, these are obvious signs that your mat needs replacing. Or, if you find that the mat is no longer collecting dirt because the pile is worn, this is another sign. As the mat becomes ineffective, it is no longer able to absorb as much water, or remove dirt. Therefore, it’s important to replace your mat as it could a health and safety hazard and look a bit of an eye sore.

How to prevent Indoor Floor Mats from moving

If a mat slips while in use, this could be a potential hazard and cause slip and fall accidents. To stop this issue, we recommend using our Teebaud Non-Skid/Anti-slip mat and rug underlay. This secures your mat or rug in one place and is thin enough to not be noticed while under the mat/rug. We also have a number of safety backing actions to prevent mat movement, discussed below.

Which Indoor Floor Mat backing should I choose?

Many indoor mats have two types of safety backing options, to prevent the mat from moving. We have 2 backing options catered for hard or carpeted floors.

  • Flat Back option made for hard surfaces.
  • Gripper Back made for carpeted surfaces.

Please note, that even with a gripper backing, mats will still move or creep on plusher carpets, so we strongly suggest you look at the Teebaud Anti-Slip Mat Underlay to almost eliminate mat movement.

How to clean your Indoor Mat

The majority of indoor mats can be cleaned in the same way that you would clean your carpets and floors. They can be simply vacuumed or use a carpet shampooer. Some mats are also machine washable. When browsing our indoor mats, make sure to view the ‘cleaning’ section underneath the product for more information.

Maintain and clean your mats regularly in order to keep your mat performing well. How often you should clean the mat depends on foot traffic and weather. You can easily tell your mat needs a clean, when it stops performing as effectively and you can see dirt appearing on the surrounding floors.  

Need more help choosing an Indoor Mat?

When choosing an indoor mat, be sure to check each mat’s features and benefits tab to find out more about the individual qualities of the mat and the fabrics that have been used in its production. This will help you to determine whether the particular indoor mat is suitable for your business. If you need any help choosing an indoor mat for your business feel free to contact our experts or chat to us during working office hours, using our Live Chat feature.