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Discover superior washroom freshness with Mats4u P-Wave® Urinal Mats, the market leaders in washroom deodorisers. These urinal mats are engineered to minimize splash, combat odour-causing bacteria, and release pleasant fragrances, ensuring your restrooms stay fresh and welcoming.

Mats4u offers a versatile range of P-Wave® products designed for lasting freshness, including our best-selling Urinal Mats, Bowl Clips, and P-Curve, all packed with long-lasting fragrances. These can be conveniently placed almost anywhere, ensuring a constantly refreshing and clean environment.

Mats4u Urinal Mat: Experience a unique design coupled with a long-lasting fragrance that makes restrooms inviting by keeping them clean and odour-free. These mats feature built-in enzymes that break down bacteria, reducing blockages and maintenance costs.

Deodorizer Range: Add an extra layer of freshness with our diverse range of deodorisers. They effectively combat unpleasant odours, leaving behind a clean and fragrant atmosphere.

Choose Mats4u for hygiene and convenience. Our products are user-friendly, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance, allowing you to maintain an odour-free environment and provide a pleasant restroom experience for users. Enhance your washrooms with Mats4u’s premium range!

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