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If your office features traditional workspaces with desks and office chairs, you could benefit from our chair mats and office chair mats. Designed to protect wooden, tiled, carpeted flooring from the use of office chairs, our office chair mats and computer chair mats for carpets minimise the damage caused by the legs and castor wheels of desk and computer chairs. If you have a carpeted working environment or office, heavy desk chairs can cause unsightly indentations and can wear away the carpet more quickly, which is why our computer chair mats for carpets are the perfect solution. Our innovative chair mats from Mats4U will help to protect your carpet, as they feature a strong gripper back to ensure the mat stays in place and doesn’t move around freely as you move the office chair. A chair mat or desk chair mat puts a layer between the legs of the office chair and the carpet. If your office has wooden or tiled flooring, chair mats can also help to prevent your floors from being scratched. Available in several shapes and sizes, a desk chair mat fits perfectly under your desk for maximum floor protection. Anti-static chair mats are also available, which are ideally placed near printers and photocopiers, or as a computer chair mat.

Don’t worry about the chair mat looking too intrusive or affecting your décor as the transparent design allows your floorings to show through. Plus, our chair mats are either made from Phthalate-Free PVC or Polycarbonate, which makes them durable and long lasting, withstanding even the busiest of office environments. The robust material also delivers ergonomic benefits as your office chair wheels are able to glide over the surface, minimising leg fatigue.

Have a look at our online collection of affordable, high quality office chair mats.

Why buy Office Chair Mats?

­The issue with caster wheels and chair legs, is that, with time, they can start to affect the appearance of your floors, whether they are carpeted, laminated, or tiled. This happens when moving back and forth in your desk chair. Overtime, this can ruin your flooring and may need a costly replacement.

Another common problem with desk chairs is leg fatigue. This usually occurs when a chair is placed on a carpeted or textured floor. You may find it hard to move around as the carpeted floors provides traction to wheels, which makes movement very limited.

Simply placing a PVC or Polycarbonate chair is a cost-effective way of preventing these issues from occurring. You’ll be able to move with ease thanks to the smooth surface, while the mat saves your floors from getting damaged.

Anti-Static Chair Mats

Dust and electrostatic charges are the main contributors for harming electrical equipment in offices. These 2 components can also reduce the lifespan of electrical device. Anti-static mats are able to help prevent dust and static build up that can cause damage to your electronics.  Ensuring that not only your floors are protected, but your electrical goods are left secured. Anti-Static Chair Mats are ideal to be used in offices near printers, photo copiers and any other electronic equipment.

PVC vs. Polycarbonate Chair Mats

Our range of chair mats and office floor mats include both PVC and polycarbonate. Whilst both materials serve the same purpose of protecting your floors and offering easy movement, however, the materials vary in durability and the environment in which they are best suited. Polycarbonate chair mats is a great option and have been specially designed to stand the test of time and endure busy office environments, the polycarbonate chair mat will not bend, crack curl or break.  This type of chair mat is suitable for hard floors and low pile carpets. For thicker pile carpets, we recommend that you choose a PVC chair mat, which is more pliable to prevent damage.

Different Shapes of Office Chair Mats - Lip, Rectangular or Contoured?

We provide a range of chair mat styles that adds to suit your office environment. Choose between a standard rectangular chair mat, a chair mat with a lip or a sleek contoured shape design. The benefit of a lipped chair mat is that it provides extra floor coverage, with the lip sitting neatly underneath your desk for extra protection. The contoured design adds style and give an aesthetically-pleasing look to your work environment.

Chair Mats for Carpeted Floors and Hard Floors

The majority of our office chair mats are available with two different backing options, depending on the floor you are placing them on. A flat backing is the best choice if the chair mat is being placed on a hard floor, such as laminate, wood or tiles. A gripper back is best placed on carpeted floors. Choosing the correct backing options means the mat will stay in one place and no creep.

Eco-friendly Office Chair Mats

If you are looking for a sustainable chair mat that’s kinder to the earth, our chair mats are the perfect solution. All of our chair mats are made from 25% of recycled materials and manufactured using 25% of renewal energy from solar panels and wind turbines.

How to Clean a Chair Mat

Office chair mats are super easy to clean. It takes a simple damp cloth or mop to get the job done. You may use mild soap liquid to remove tougher stains.

Need More Help Choosing Chair Mats?

If you require any help or assistance in choosing the right chair mat for your business or office environment, please feel free to contact our experts today or, alternatively use our handy Live Chat service, during UK office hours