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Car Mats - Tailored To Fit Your Car

Mats4U are proud and delighted to partner with carmats4u, bringing innovative and fully tailored car mats and boot liners into our extensive mats collections.

With over 30 years of experience, Carmats4u is the largest and most experienced car mat manufacture in the UK. Specialising in the products of high quality tailored car mats, boot liners and more, designed to be fully customisable for every brand and model.

To find out more, visit www.carmats4u.com now.


Car Mats & Boot Liners

Tailored car mats are available in a variety of materials and colours, ensuring that they complement the inside of your vehicle.

The carpet car mats & boot liners are manufactured specifically for your vehicle, so simply select your model and begin creating your ideal car mats. Match them to your interior or give a personal touch with distinctive trim.

Quality is our top priority, so every car mat goes through rigorous quality testing before it reaches your doorstep. Also, the highly trained team can handle special requests, so be sure to enquire carmats4u if you see a make or model you're looking for.

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Tailored Car Mats

Prevent dirt and moisture from damaging your carpet with a custom removable car mat.

Tailored Car Mats are customisable in every aspect of your carpet or rubber, including the thickness, trim, and heel pad colour. Why not further personalise your Tailored Car Mats by adding your customised logo? We make tailored car mats for over 3000 different car models. Check out the entire collection right now.

Why choose tailored cat mats?

Passengers and pets may carry all kinds of dirty substances into the car, such as dirt, grass, water, snow, pet hair, food and beverages. To avoid these things from getting on the carpet, a simple solution is to fit tailored mat to protect the interior.

Buying Tailored Car Mats?

  • OEM Tailored Shape
  • Supplied With OEM Fit Fixing System
  • Wide Variety Of Options Available
  • Lifetime Guarantees Available
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Tailored Boot Liners

Are you tired of cleaning your car's boot over and over again? Each of our custom boots liners is designed and manufactured to provide full protection for your car boot and meet the needs of an active lifestyle when your car boot is used for a variety of purposes. The exceptionally durable, fully tailored PVC Boot Liner Tray protects 100% of your vehicle's boot floor space from spills, dirt, and incidental damage and is designed to last at least 10 years.

Why use a car boot liner?

The boot liners protect your car boot upholstery from dirt, dust and everyday wear and tear.

In fact, no matter what you carry in the car boot, the liner will keep it in its best condition for longer. And the best thing about the removable boot liner is that you can simply take it out when you need to clean it.

It also reduces road noise and prevents damage to the interior upholstery of the car boot from accidental spills.

Buying Tailored Boot Liners?

  • OEM Tailored Shape
  • High 2inch Lip Retains Spills
  • Designed to last a minimum of 10 years
  • Folds / Rolls Away
  • Oil & Water Resistant
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