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Standing Desk Mats

Research has shown that standing, rather than sitting down at a desk for long periods of time, can have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing. With the increase of office based jobs in the UK, there is a demand for standing desks. The only problem with standing over sitting down at a desk is the hard floor underfoot. Often office buildings are fitted with hard flooring or hard-wearing carpet. This does not provide sufficient cushion underfoot for those who are standing for long periods of time and so a high-quality standing desk mat is required. Our online range of ergonomic mats, designed to be used while standing at a desk or standing for a long period of time in a particular spot, are cushioned to make it much more comfortable while working. Standing helps you to burn more calories than sitting and with the added comfort of one of our standing desk mats, there are more reasons than ever to stand up, whenever possible, at work.

Choose from our online range of cushioned anti-fatigue mats and non-slip mats, or workstation mats from Mats4U. If you have a business where employees are required to stand for an extended period of time, you should consider investing in our anti-fatigue standing desk mats. These specially designed mats helps to alleviate stress to the back and legs, which reduces tiredness and improves productivity. The non-slip surface of the Hog Heaven heavy duty anti-fatigue mat means that the mat is ideal for use in both wet and dry conditions, and helps to reduce slips, trips and falls.

If you need any help, or further advice in relation to our standing desk mats, please don’t hesitate to ask our experts. Visit our Contact Us page during UK office hours, or use our handy Live Chat function.