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Forklift Truck Mats

Preventing Forklift Trucks from bringing in dirt and water

Forklift trucks moving in and out of warehouses throughout the day, can bring in extensive amounts of dirt and water on their wheels. You may also be familiar with wet trails near entranceways and/or loading bays, especially during wet weather.  

Waterhog Forklift Truck Mats are the ideal solution to stopping dirt and water entering your warehouse / facility on the wheels of forklift trucks. According to the British Safety Council, accidents that involve forklift trucks occur every working day. However, Waterhog Forklift Mats can help to reduce accidents in your environment and improve health and safety by reducing the amount of water and dirt brought in by forklift trucks.

Placed at the entrance to your warehouse, they will scrape and wipe the dirt and moisture from the wheels of forklifts, trollies and vehicles as they make journeys to and from the outside. Made with crush-proof, reinforced rubber nubs to withstand the weight of a loaded forklift.

The bi-level construction of Waterhog Forklift Mats means that they hold onto the dirt in the lower level of the mat, to prevent it from being tracked off the mat as forklifts make further passes over the mat.

Waterhog Forklift Mat Case Study

“The mats have helped by reducing the amount of water coming into the facility and reducing the skid potential of forklifts” – Karen Barber, QHSE of Craemer UK. You can view the full forklift mat case study here. 

Benefits of Waterhog Forklift Mats

Designed with highly absorbent, crush-proof nitrile rubber nubs, our Waterhog Forklift Mats are designed to remove dirt and water from forklift wheels as they are driven over. The heavy-duty anti-slip rubber backing also secures the forklift mat in one place whilst being used.

The benefits of Waterhog Forklift Mats include:

  • Absorbs moisture and scrapes away dirt from forklift wheels
  • Chemical and oil resistant for industrial environments
  • Reduces slip hazards
  • Prevents forklifts from skidding or losing control
  • Decreases cleaning costs
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Protects flooring from damage

Where can Waterhog Forklifts Mats be placed?

The ideal location for Waterhog Forklift Mats is at any entrance or loading bay used by forklift trucks. This enables the mat to eliminate dirt and water before entering the premises. Having forklift mats also stops dirt and water from spreading across the warehouse, this is because of their bi-level construction, which stores the dirt in the lower level to prevent dirt being tracked onto the surrounding floors.

Areas recommended for Waterhog Forklift Mats include:

  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Factories
  • Other areas with high forklift and foot traffic

How to prevent Forklift Trucks from skidding?

As you know, forklift trucks can transfer dirt and water into your facility. This can increase the risk of forklifts trucks skidding or losing control, particularly on wet floors. Waterhog Forklift Mats will provide traction for the forklift wheels, as well as helping to dry them. This will help to prevent the forklift trucks from skidding and reduce the number of accidents caused by forklift trucks. For more information on this topic, please read our blog – How to Prevent Forklifts from Skidding on Wet Floors.

Choosing the right Waterhog Forklift Mat

At Mats4U, we have two types of Waterhog Forklift Mats to choose from.  Both mats have a non-slip rubber backing, and the Waterhog bi-level reinforced rubber nubs. Choosing between the two is generally a personal choice for the area you are trying to cover. The two options are:

  • Waterhog Forklift Truck Mats – These are available in a selection of 6 fixed sizes and also have a bevelled edge, so are ideal if the area also has a lot of foot traffic.
  • Waterhog Modular Forklift Mats – These are 4ft x 6ft tiles which can be placed or installed next to one another in whatever configuration you require, so are ideal or large areas for creating a forklift path.

How much weight can Waterhog Forklift Mats take?

Obviously we know that forklift trucks transport heavy goods in and out of facilities throughout the day, so matting that bears a lot of weight is very important. Waterhog Forklift Mats have been tested to withstand loaded forklifts up to 6300kg.

How to install Waterhog Forklift Mats

Waterhog Forklift Mats are quick and easy to install. They can either be loosely laid, or you could use double-sided tape or adhesive. We recommend using tape or adhesive to reduce movement and enhance safety. However, if you need to regularly lift the mats for cleaning, loose laying the mats is also a viable option.

To install the mats with double-sided tape, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Clean the desired entrance area with a broom or any other cleaning equipment of your choice. This step is really important as if the floor is dusty beneath the mat, the tape will not stick efficiently.
  2. Apply tape to the back of the mat around all of the edges and in an ‘X’ shape in the middle of the mat.  
  3. Carefully flip the mat over and place it in the desired position. Be sure to walk around all the edges of the mat and where the tape is placed to ensure a strong adhesion to the floor.
  4. Your mat is now ready to use!

Read our blog to find out step-by-step instructions on how to install forklift matting.

How to clean Waterhog Forklift Mats

Waterhog Forklift Mats are simple and easy to clean. Simply use a vacuum cleaner or stiff brush. Or you can use a hose or pressure washer if you are able to lift the mats and take them somewhere to hang and dry.

How long do Waterhog Forklift Mats last and when should you replace it?

The lifetime of Waterhog Forklift Mats depends on the level of forklift traffic in the location that it is placed. We at Mats4U guarantee the mats for one year, however they could last much longer in a facility with relatively low forklift traffic. Just be on the lookout for a worn path appearance on the mat, and if the dirt and water removal has dropped significantly, it is time to replace your mat.

How long the mats will last also depends on how the mats are treated. We recommend that forklift operatives do not turn on the mats and do not place or push pallets across them. This can damage the mats and you’ll be replacing them much sooner than you should have to.

How can Forklift mats be ordered from Mats4U?

Ordering forklift mats from Mats4U is a seamless and hassle-free experience. When it comes to forklift mats, you have two convenient options for placing an order.

Firstly, find the item you would like to purchase, where you can specify the size, colour, and any additional details required in order for you to proceed to the checkout process. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can give our sales team a call and provide them with all the necessary information.

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence. If you're in a hurry to receive your forklift mats, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 0121 313 6748 or emailing [email protected]. We are committed to working with you to meet your target delivery date. Furthermore, we offer free delivery within the UK, and for international customers, we have convenient delivery options.

Contact us today, and our team will be delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect, high-quality forklift mats to meet your specific needs. You can visit our Contact us page or, during UK office hours, utilise our Live Chat to connect with our forklift mat experts promptly.