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Lab Mats

Keeping containments such as bacteria and germs out of a lab is paramount. From hospital laboratory to science centres or industrial labs, we have a mat that will work for you.

Keep out unwanted germs, dirt and bacteria with our anti-microbial and anti-bacterial mats. Our anti-microbial mats are treated with an anti-microbial formula that kills and controls micro-organisms and odour. 

Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial tread mats to help prevent contamination and the spreading of germs and bacteria in surgery rooms and theatres. Tacky mats are also ideal for use in laboratories, as they remove fine particles of dirt and dust from footwear as they are walked over so that it is not carried into the laboratory or clean room. The germ and bacteria killing additive contained within the mat will last for the mat's lifetime and does not lessen with cleaning.

Made from a rubber frame and a replaceable adhesive surface, this mat can remove over 90% of fine dust and dirt particles with just two steps.

For laboratory technicians, who must stand for long periods of time, lab anti-fatigue mats are the answer. Anti-fatigue mats have ergonomic features to provide a comfortable standing surface for workers, to prevent fatigue and muscular aches and pains. Anti-fatigue matting is also available with non-slip properties with flow-through holes so that any liquids will fall away from the standing surface, preventing slips, trips and falls.

For more information of what type of mat you may need for a laboratory environment click here.

As a leading supplier of high-performance matting, all our lab mats are designed to provide a comfortable, safe, hygienic and practical working environment. All our mats are easy to clean either in a washing machine, with a pressure hose, a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner. If you have any questions or are not sure what you are looking for contact us or speak to us via Live chat (open during standard UK office hours)