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Free Visual

We provide a free visual representation of how your mat will look before it is created - with no obligation to buy.

Custom Mats

We custom print or cut and inlay a wide range of entrance mats- from heavy-duty, rubber mats to natural coir

Free Delivery

Our custom logo mats are typically delivered within 7-10 days after an order is placed.

12 Month Guarantee

We provide a 12-month guarantee against manufacturer defects for your peace of mind.


Custom Logo Mats - Design Your Own Entrance Mat

At Mats4U, we understand the importance of leaving a lasting impression. That's why we offer high-quality custom logo mats that combine functionality and branding seamlessly. If you're looking to enhance your entrance, showcase your brand, and create a professional image, you've come to the right place.

Our custom logo mats are crafted with precision and attention to detail. We utilise top-quality material and advanced printing techniques to ensure vibrant colours and sharp designs that truly represent your brand. Whether you're a small business, a corporate office, a retail store, or any other organisation, our custom logo mats are tailored to meet your specific needs.


How to order a logo mat 

Ordering a logo mat from Mats4U is so simple:

  1. Choose your type of logo mat above and complete the free quote and proof form
  2. Receive digital proof within 24 hours (here you can make as many changes as you like)
  3. Make payment and your personalised logo mat will be with you ASAP! 
  4. Your mat will be delivered in around 7-10 working days after the order.


Logo mat price match guarantee

We won't be beaten on price! That's why we offer a price match guarantee on any like-for-like logo mat quotes. In the unlikely event, you find a logo mat cheaper than ours, simply email [email protected]  with a copy of the quote you have received, and we will happily match or beat the price you have been quoted. 


Types of logo mats

There are a number of types of logo mats to choose from. The question is, what type of logo mat should you choose for your business? This depends on where you are placing the mat, the amount of footfall you have, the number of colours or intricacy you require, and more.

We provide a diverse selection of materials suitable for various needs and preferences. Our range includes textiles that are machine washable and easy to maintain, as well as rubber mats known for their durability and dirt-repelling qualities. Whether you prefer synthetic materials or natural options like coir, we have them all available. Moreover, we offer the flexibility of custom sizes, catering to both extra-large entrances and smaller, unique spaces. For those seeking a more personalised touch, our bespoke doormats are an ideal choice to warmly welcome guests in a unique and stylish manner.

At Mats4U, we have the following types of logo mats to choose from:


Heavy-Duty Logo Mat

Heavy Duty Logo Mat is perfect for reinforcing your brand image to customers and creating a great first impression. The most innovative logo mats on the market have unequalled stain resistance and colour fastness. Safety is ensured thanks to the non-slip rubber backing and low-profile edges. Being durable and stain resistant means these logo mats are perfect for entrances, reception areas and commercial locations with a high volume of foot traffic. The strong nitrile rubber back ensures the mat stays in one place and protects the floor beneath. Guaranteed to last for 5 years or more and available with an unlimited selection of over 60 colours, a heavy-duty logo mat is sure to impress.

The Heavy-Duty Logo Mat is available in a wide range of standard dimensions. These include widths and lengths ranging from 60cm by 85cm up to sizes as large as 200cm by 300cm with several options in between to cater various needs. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to specify custom dimensions for their spaces, with width options starting at 200cm and extending up to 550cm in length.

The Heavy-Duty Logo Mat is designed as a durable indoor doormat intended to handle high foot traffic while safeguarding flooring from various elements such as severe dirt, grit, dust, and moisture that typically enter a business on a daily basis.


Outdoor Rubber Logo Mat

Superscrape Impressions Rubber Logo Mat is extremely durable and can survive any weather conditions. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use to create a friendly vibe to welcome visitors. High-resolution full-colour print and 100% strong nitrile rubber guaranteed to last for 5 years or more.  The raised nubs can scrape dirt from footwear instantly, keeping your environment dry, clean and safe. Also ideal for advertising or exhibition use to greet or inform visitors. Available in 3 standard sizes.


Coir Logo Mat

Coir / Coconut Logo Matting is a bestseller when it comes to entrance mats. Made from 100% coconut fibres, they are great for scraping dirt and moisture from footwear. Coir Logo Mats are a great choice for entrance recesses or wells, as they can be easily cut to size. Our Coir Logo Mats are graphically inlaid, not surface printed, which means the logo will not fade when the top layer of the mat becomes worn. Even the most intricate designs can be created and they are available in custom sizes. Our Coir Logo Mats come in Natural Coir, Black Coir, Green Coir, Red Coir, Brown Coir and Grey Coir. Request a free quote and design from us today.


Berber Logo Mat

Our Berber logo mat is specially designed to handle heavy foot traffic without compromising its durability. it excels at scraping dirt and moisture from shoes, effectively minimising tracking throughout your space. The raised and sturdy hobnail bumps on the mat's surface act as small scrubbers, vigorously removing and trapping dirt from shoe soles. It also has exceptional rubber backing, as it plays a crucial role in keeping the mat securely in place, minimising any slipping hazards. Guaranteed to last for 5 years or more and is available in a range of colours.









PET face with a Nitrile Rubber backing

66 Colours

Indoor Entrance or Reception Area


5 Years +


Nitrile Rubber

Full Colour Print

Outdoor or Indoor Entrance


5 Years +


Coconut husk/fibres face with a PVC backing

8 Colours

Indoor Entrance in a Well/Recess


1 Year +


PET face with a Nitrile Rubber backing

56 Colours

Indoor Entrance or Reception Area. Outdoor Entrance (if under a canopy).


5 Years +


Made To Measure

We offer made-to-measure custom logo mats in heavy-duty logo mats and coir logo mats. These mats can be customised to your desired dimensions and shape, and we ensure that your logo and branding elements are accurately represented on the mat's surface. Our mats are made from high-quality materials, providing durability and functionality. They are easy to maintain and suitable for various commercial or industrial settings.

Inside Or Outside?

Door mats can serve different purposes depending on where they are placed. When determining whether logo door mats should be inside or outside, it is essential to consider the material they are made from. Certain materials are better suited for outdoor use, as they are designed to withstand weather conditions such as rain and sunlight. For example, rubber mats are durable and work well outside. On the other hand, water-absorbent materials may not hold up well to outdoor elements and can get damaged by rain. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a water-resistant, durable mat outside and a water-absorbent one inside. This combination helps to protect floors from dirt and moisture while ensuring the longevity of the mats. Ultimately, the best practice is to have a doormat both inside and outside to create a barrier against dirt and moisture, keeping your interior clean and safe.


Cleaning a personalised doormat entails considering the specific material used in its construction. It is important to take into account the type of fibres or fabric on the doormat to determine the most suitable cleaning method. For a comprehensive guide on cleaning your personalised doormat, be sure to read the provided specification for detailed instructions on maintaining its cleanliness and appearance in each of our product types.

Why buy custom logo mats from Mats4U?

Our custom-made logo mats are perfect for businesses wanting to create the right impression. With a high-resolution colour print, your logo will be bold enough to reinforce your brand image and give visitors a warm welcome. We can offer you unique and personalised logo mats perfect for entrance areas, used indoors and outdoors. Let us help you find the best-branded mat for your organisation.

Mats4U is the ideal choice for those seeking outstanding doormats that are built to withstand the test of time. We are dedicated to crafting doormats of exceptional quality using only the most superior materials and skilled craftsmanship. With our unwavering commitment to providing durability and reliability, our doormats are guaranteed to serve you faithfully for years to come. Boasting over 25 years of expertise in this field, we take pride in delivering custom-made mats that cater perfectly to any home setting.

Branded door mats can improve the décor of an office or workplace, which helps to create a good first impression for your visitors. The eye-catching high-resolution logo provides a great opportunity to expose your brand to potential customers, business partners and employees. Perfect to make sure your brand ‘sticks’ with visitors. Furthermore, personalised logo mats can help to make the business look professional and well-maintained. Not only will our logo mats look great, but they will also stop dirt and moisture from getting into your premises, keeping them safe and clean. All our logo mats are designed for heavy foot traffic and will keep on performing and looking great for 5 years or more.

Choosing Mats4U for your floor mat needs is an excellent decision because we are recognized as a premier supplier of top-tier entrance, logo, and custom floor mats catering to both commercial and household clientele across the UK and internationally. We adhere to rigorous quality protocols, offering mats that are NFSI certified for high traction ensuring enhanced safety. Customer satisfaction has always been at the forefront of our mission, evident in our unparalleled commitment to superior service. Our mats not only elevate the safety of spaces but also contribute significantly to maintaining their cleanliness.

There are no artwork or set-up charges. Choose the type of logo mat you would like, which can be designed using an extensive range of colours, and create your mat to suit your unique brand. With excellent resilience, these logo mats can be yours in just one week. Simply request a free quotation and proof to get the ball rolling. No obligations. You can select from a variety of standard sizes, or specify your own custom dimensions from a width of 200cm up to a length of 550cm. We also offer bespoke shapes including circular, round, and semi-circle to perfectly fit your space. Whether you need your mat to fit in a landscape or portrait orientation, we've got you covered. Upload your artwork in any popular formats like .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .svg, and we will create a free artwork design for you in less than 24 hours. Each mat is tailored to hold one artwork file, ensuring your brand is represented exactly how you envision. Additionally, if your space requires a recessed mat well, we can customise your mat to fit seamlessly.

We also have a 100% product guarantee, which means you can purchase with confidence.

The benefits of logo mats

When selecting the best doormat for your needs, it's essential to consider various factors to determine the optimal type. Different materials offer distinct advantages in different settings. For instance, coir is typically suitable for indoor use due to its excellent moisture absorption properties. On the other hand, rubber mats are more effective outdoors as they are proficient at dislodging dirt and debris. The choice of the 'best' doormat essentially hinges on what you prioritise in terms of functionality and durability. Explore our diverse selection of personalised doormats crafted from a variety of materials to find the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

There are a great number of benefits to investing in a logo mat for your business. These include:

  • Creating a great first impression for customers and visitors.
  • Wipes feet so keeps your floors clean, dry and safe. This reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents.
  • Protects your floors and carpets, which cuts down on cleaning costs and replacement floor costs.
  • Enhance the décor in your reception area


Logo mat applications - Where to place a logo mat 

Logo mats are suitable for any commercial business wanting to great a great first impression with their customers or visitors at the entrance, but here are a few examples of the most popular applications:

  • Retail
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Business Headquarters
  • Leisure and Tourist Attractions 

A doormat should ideally be as wide as your front door for optimal functionality. While it is not necessarily required for the doormat to be wider than the door, having a wider doormat can provide greater coverage on the floor area. So, to ensure that your doormat is effective in trapping dirt and moisture, it is recommended to make it at least as wide as your front door.

Cutting a doormat to size is a common and effective way to ensure that your mat fits perfectly at your doorway. At Make an Entrance, we recognize the importance of having a doormat that is tailored to your specific needs. Whether your doorway is small or large, cutting a doormat to size can be a great solution to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetics. Our cut-to-size range offers a convenient option for obtaining the ideal-size doormat for your home, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum effectiveness. So, yes, you can certainly cut a logo doormat to size to match your unique requirements.

For more information about our branded mats, custom logo mats, or other styles, please contact our team directly, or use our live chat service. Keep in contact with us by following our FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.

How long does it take to receive an instant quote for the Logo Mats?

The process for obtaining an instant quote for the Logo Mats is efficiently quick. Simply fill out the provided form and you will receive the quote and free artwork designs in a few hours and the delivery of the mat in approximately 7-10 working days in the UK, all at no extra cost.


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