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  1. Custom Size9item
  2. 45cm x 69cm1 item
  3. Cut length: 50cm x 100cm (linear metre)1 item
  4. Full roll: 50cm x 10m1 item
  5. 58cm x 86cm2item
  6. 58cm x 89cm2item
  7. 60cm x 80cm1 item
  8. 60cm x 85cm5item
  9. 60cm x 90cm3item
  10. 60cm x 100cm2item
  11. 60cm x 150cm1 item
  12. 60cm x 200cm1 item
  13. 60cm x 250cm1 item
  14. 60cm x 300cm1 item
  15. 60cm x 350cm1 item
  16. 60cm x 400cm1 item
  17. 60cm x 450cm1 item
  18. 60cm x 500cm1 item
  19. 60cm x 550cm1 item
  20. Full roll: 60cm x 10m3item
  21. 75cm x 85cm4item
  22. 76cm x 92cm1 item
  23. 80cm x 100cm1 item
  24. 61cm x 81cm1 item
  25. 61cm x 89cm3item
  26. 61cm x 91cm1 item
  27. Cut length: 75cm x 100cm (linear metre)1 item
  28. Full roll: 75cm x 10m1 item
  29. 85cm x 115cm4item
  30. 85cm x 150cm6item
  31. 85cm x 300cm4item
  32. 85cm x 120cm1 item
  33. 86cm x 142cm2item
  34. 86cm x 147cm1 item
  35. 86cm x 277cm1 item
  36. 86cm x 295cm1 item
  37. 89cm x 114cm1 item
  38. 89cm x 117cm1 item
  39. 89cm x 119cm1 item
  40. 89cm x 142cm1 item
  41. 89cm x 147cm1 item
  42. 89cm x 149cm1 item
  43. 89cm x 150cm2item
  44. 89cm x 241cm1 item
  45. 89cm x 244cm1 item
  46. 89cm x 295cm1 item
  47. 90cm x 100cm1 item
  48. 90cm x 120cm1 item
  49. 90cm x 150cm6item
  50. 90cm x 180cm1 item
  51. 90cm x 200cm1 item
  52. 90cm x 300cm1 item
  53. 90cm x 400cm1 item
  54. 90cm x 500cm1 item
  55. 90cm x 600cm1 item
  56. 90cm x 700cm1 item
  57. 90cm x 800cm1 item
  58. 90cm x 900cm1 item
  59. 90cm x 1000cm1 item
  60. 90cm x 1100cm1 item
  61. 90cm x 1200cm1 item
  62. 90cm x 1300cm1 item
  63. 90cm x 1400cm1 item
  64. 90cm x 1500cm1 item
  65. 90cm x 1600cm1 item
  66. 90cm x 1700cm1 item
  67. 90cm x 1800cm1 item
  68. 90cm x 1900cm1 item
  69. 90cm x 2000cm1 item
  70. 90cm x 2100cm1 item
  71. 90cm x 2200cm1 item
  72. 90cm x 2300cm1 item
  73. 90cm x 2400cm1 item
  74. 90cm x 2500cm1 item
  75. Full roll: 91cm x 10m3item
  76. 100cm x 60cm2item
  77. 100cm x 90cm2item
  78. Cut length: 100cm x 100cm (linear metre)1 item
  79. 100cm x 120cm2item
  80. 100cm x 150cm2item
  81. 100cm x 180cm2item
  82. 100cm x 210cm2item
  83. 100cm x 240cm2item
  84. 100cm x 270cm2item
  85. 100cm x 300cm2item
  86. 100cm x 600cm1 item
  87. Full roll: 100cm x 10m1 item
  88. 100cm x 12m 2item
  89. 114cm x 175cm5item
  90. 114cm x 178cm1 item
  91. 114cm x 180cm1 item
  92. 114cm x 244cm1 item
  93. 114cm x 295cm1 item
  94. 114cm x 300cm1 item
  95. 114cm x 303cm1 item
  96. 114cm x 361cm1 item
  97. 115cm x 180cm7item
  98. 115cm x 200cm3item
  99. 115cm x 240cm3item
  100. 115cm x 300cm4item
  101. 120cm x 180cm1 item
  102. 120cm x 100cm1 item
  103. 120cm x 200cm1 item
  104. 120cm x 300cm1 item
  105. 120cm x 400cm1 item
  106. 120cm x 500cm1 item
  107. Full roll: 120cm x 500cm3item
  108. 120cm x 600cm1 item
  109. 120cm x 700cm1 item
  110. 120cm x 800cm1 item
  111. 120cm x 900cm1 item
  112. 120cm x 1000cm1 item
  113. 120cm x 1100cm1 item
  114. 120cm x 1300cm1 item
  115. 120cm x 1400cm1 item
  116. 120cm x 1500cm1 item
  117. 120cm x 1600cm1 item
  118. 120cm x 1700cm1 item
  119. 120cm x 1800cm1 item
  120. 120cm x 1900cm1 item
  121. 120cm x 2000cm1 item
  122. 120cm x 2100cm1 item
  123. 120cm x 2200cm1 item
  124. 120cm x 2300cm1 item
  125. 120cm x 2400cm1 item
  126. 120cm x 2500cm1 item
  127. 150cm x 100cm1 item
  128. 150cm x 150cm1 item
  129. 150cm x 200cm4item
  130. 150cm x 240cm3item
  131. 150cm x 250cm1 item
  132. 150cm x 300cm4item
  133. 150cm x 350cm1 item
  134. 150cm x 400cm1 item
  135. 150cm x 450cm1 item
  136. 150cm x 500cm1 item
  137. 150cm x 550cm1 item
  138. 180cm x 250cm1 item
  139. 175cm x 241cm1 item
  140. 178cm x 241cm1 item
  141. 178cm x 361cm1 item
  142. 180cm x 180cm1 item
  143. 180cm x 257cm1 item
  144. 180cm x 373cm1 item
  145. 200cm x 200cm2item
  146. 200cm x 300cm3item
  147. Connectors one short side - 90cm x 150cm1 item
  148. Connectors both short side - 90cm x 150cm1 item
  149. Connectors one long side - 90cm x 150cm1 item
  150. Connectors both long side - 90cm x 150cm1 item
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Entrance Matting - Domestic Entrance Door Mats & Commercial Entrance Mats

Are you looking for an effective and high-quality entrance mat & commercial mats for your business? Entrance door mats and commercial door mats help make those first impressions count in business and making sure your office floor or commercial unit is presentable and clean is important, especially when it comes to employing talented individuals and inviting business clients to your premises. This is why our high-quality entrance mats are built to make sure those first impressions count.

At Mats4U, we have a wide selection of commercial matting, entrance door mats and entrance matting for both inside and outside use that can help not only transform the look of your office but also help to prevent up to 90% of dirt from entering your building. Having a high-quality commercial door mat or entrance mat at the entrance to your business or office building will encourage employees and visitors to wipe their feet, which in turn helps to reduce the transfer of dirt around your business.


What should entrance matting do?

Entrance matting plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and safe environments in buildings and facilities. Its primary purpose is to effectively manage and control the ingress of dirt, moisture and debris brought in by foot traffic at entry points. Here are the key functions that entrance matting should fulfil:

  1. Prevent dirt and moisture from coming into the building
  2. Hold onto dirt and moisture until it can be cleaned
  3. Stop dirt and moisture from being tracked off the mat
  4. Provide a safe walking surface 

Our Entrance mats serve the purpose of effectively removing dirt and moisture from footwear. We provide a range of high-quality entrance mats suitable for any business or home, with great value for money. With effective scraping capabilities combined with highly absorbent materials, our mats prevent unwanted particles from migrating into your facility, ensuring your premises are safe and clean. 


Outdoor Entrance Mats

An outdoor entrance mat needs to be able to endure harsh weather conditions, from cold and snowy, to hot and sunny. Rubber outdoor mats & matting are very durable and will not crack, split or curl, no matter what the weather condition.

At Mats4U, our outdoor entrance mats are constructed with materials, such as nitrile rubber, to survive all weather conditions. They also have the power to tackle heavy dirt, grit, snow, ice and excess water, ensuring that no unwanted particles are tracked into your premises. Offering you durability and being constructed from hard-wearing nitrile rubber, these mats are guaranteed to last up to 5 years.

For outdoor, an all-rubber mat with raised scrape numbers and drainage holes is the best choice, such as the Value Rubber Scraper Mat with Holes.


Indoor Entrance Mats

The indoor entrance mat is the main entrance mat & matting and in most cases the only entrance mat that businesses and homes opt for. The indoor entrance mat, therefore, must do much of the work in terms of stopping dirt and water from getting into your premises.

For those that only have one entrance mat in place, it is important to invest in one that will perform very well, to save yourself on cleaning costs and reduce slip and fall accidents.

The best choice is an indoor entrance mat with raised sections to wipe and scrape footwear and it should have a fabric top which is able to soak up and contain moisture. A great example is the Waterhog Classic.  You may need to regularly clean this mat so that it doesn’t become saturated with dirt and water. So we advise you to check that the mat is easy to clean.


What size Entrance Mat should I choose?

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends a minimum of 12-15 feet (3.6 – 4.5m) of entrance matting to remove 90% of tracked-in soil.

Most entrances we come across do not have anywhere near this amount of entrance matting, in fact, the most popular entrance mat size purchased in the UK are 3x5 and 4x6 foot mats.

You can often judge if your current mat is the right length or not by looking a little beyond the edge of the mat. Does it still have wet or muddy footprints beyond the mat? If so,  you can assume that the coverage is not right for the circumstances.

To remove the most amount of dirt and water, and to keep your entrance safe, we recommend that you buy the largest mat that you can for your entrance. People do not wipe their feet, so you want people to take as many steps on your matting as possible, which will help to protect your floors and keep them clean and dry.


 Types of Entrance Mats

  • Rubber Backed vs. Vinyl Backed Entrance Mats – Vinyl backed entrance mats are much cheaper than rubber backed, but there is a reason. Rubber is super durable and suitable for high-traffic areas, whereas Vinyl or PVC is prone to cracking, splitting or curling and can also creep along the floor.

  • Bi-Level vs. Flat Entrance Mats – With bi-level entrance mats, the upper surface scrapes and wipes footwear, and the lower level collects and stores the dirt until cleaner, to avoid it being tracked into the building on the surrounding floors. Single-layer, or flat entrance mats are usually better for drying, however, there is nowhere for the dirt to filter, so it can sometimes be tracked onto the surrounding floors. 

  • Cotton vs. Nylon Entrance Mats – Cotton entrance mats are great for mopping up water, however, it can take a long time to dry, so is best for low-traffic areas. In contract, Nylon dries super quickly, and is the preferred choice for busy entrance areas.


Cleaning your Entrance Matting

Keeping your entrance mats clean is paramount for keeping them effective and performing well. They spend all day removing and holding on to dirt and water, so it is important that they are cleaned regularly so that the don’t become overloaded and therefore less effective. Each mat will have different cleaning instructions, check out the cleaning tab on each product for specific instructions.


How long will your Entrance Mat last?

How long entrance matting will last will depend on several factors:

  1. The type of backing – rubber backed mats will always be longer lasting than PVC or Vinyl.
  2. The amount of mat pile – look for the weight of the face fabric, the heavier the better!
  3. The amount of foot traffic – busy entrances will require a more durable mat in order to increase the lifetime.

In addition to this, the better you look after your mat, the longer it will last. Refer to our above point on how to clean your entrance mat.


3 Mats Entrance System

 To get the most out of your mats, using the 3 mat entrance system can provide you extra support in preventing dirt and water from entering your building.

  1. The first step of the system is to have a strong rubber outdoor entrance mat. This mat is the first to come in contact with footwear, so it’s ideal to have a mat that can handle heavy mud, moisture and grit. We recommend our Value Rubber Scraper Mat as a great choice.
  2. As soon as people enter your premises, indoor entrance mats are ideal to remove moderate levels of dirt and water. A great suggestion is our Waterhog Classic, which is bi level constructed and capable of trapping debris within the mat, making sure it doesn’t get transferred into buildings.
  3. Finally, the finishing mat removes the remains off footwear by absorbing moisture and removing finer dirt and dust. Tri Grip Heavy Duty is one of our most popular and performs extremely well as a finishing mat in high foot traffic areas.


Prevent Slips & Trips with Commercial Entrance Mats

Commercial entrance mats are also great at preventing slips and trips as they can help to absorb excess water, which, if allowed to build up in a reception area or office building, is a health and safety issue. Our most effective commercial door mats to absorb water are Waterhog mats. These heavy duty entrance mats are designed for areas of high footfall, such as doorways, corridors and reception areas, they are made with a high-quality water absorbing material that not many other commercial entrance matting can outperform. Stop dirt, grime and water at the door with Mats4U’s entrance door mats and heavy duty entrance matting.


Entrance Matting Advice

If you would like expert advice on choosing the right entrance door mats for your business or would like further information on the types of entrance mats we have available to order, please feel free to contact our expert team via the Contact Us page or, during UK office hours, use our Live Chat service.