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Anti-Microbial Mats

What are Anti-Microbial mats?

Specifically designed for sanitary environments, anti-microbial mats can prevent germs and bacteria from spreading in and around your facility, thus preventing contamination. Anti-microbial mats will prevent the transfer of dirt, debris and bacteria from room to room and contain an antibacterial additive, which is designed to kill germs and bacteria that are in contact with the mat. The additive remains effective for the lifetime of the mat and cannot be washed away or washed out of the mat when it is being cleaned. Helping to prevent cross-contamination, minimise odours and stop the spread of germs throughout a public place or business, antibacterial door mats are an ideal solution for premises that must remain as hygienically clean as possible. 

We understand that different areas have different matting requirements. That is why we provide various types of Anti-Microbial floor mats. To perform well in any facility, whilst meeting hygiene standards. Perfect for environments such as laboratories, swimming pools, gyms, hospitals and any other sensitive areas where hygiene is of paramount importance.

Prevent bacteria and cease contamination with our high performing Anti-Microbial mats. Available in different sizes, colours, and styles. Browse our online collection today. Our Anti-Microbial mats are guaranteed to promote a safe, sterile and sanitary facility.

How do Anti-Microbial Mats work?

These mats typically incorporate materials or coatings that release antimicrobial agents, such as silver ions or chemical compounds, which hinder the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. This helps to maintain a cleaner and more hygienic environment.

 Why are Anti-Microbial Mats important?

If you work in an area that is exposed to germs, chemicals, pesticides or any other harmful bacteria, it is important to carry out health and safety measures to minimise the risk of contamination. This applies to all work and public environments, especially sensitive areas like hospitals and kitchens. If these procedures are not put into action, this encourages the spread of microbes. You are also vulnerable to picking up infections and passing it onto others.

There are many solutions to prevent this from occurring, such as installing Anti-Microbial floor mats. Workers, visitors and members of the public can pick up bacteria underfoot from outside. However, Anti-Microbial mats prevent this from happening. A cost-effective way of protecting your environment against harmful microbes.

What are the benefits of using Anti-Microbial Mats?


  • Reduction of microbial contamination: Anti-Microbial Mats help minimise the spread of harmful bacteria and other pathogens, promoting a healthier environment.
  • Odour control: By inhibiting microbial growth, these mats can also help prevent unpleasant odours caused by bacteria.
  • Extended lifespan: The antimicrobial properties can contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the mats by preventing degradation caused by microbial activity.
  • Enhanced hygiene: Particularly important in environments where cleanliness is paramount, such as medical facilities, food preparation areas, and childcare centres.

Where can Anti-Microbial mats be placed?

Anti-microbial floor mats are treated with anti-microbial to help to prevent contamination, neutralise odours and stop the spread of germs throughout public places. Whether it be a care home, kitchen, restaurant, public bathroom, changing rooms, swimming pool or hospital, using anti-microbial matting helps to keep the premises or workplace germ-free, clean and safe for both visitors and staff alike.

Hospitals are one particular type of building that would benefit from the use of an anti-microbial mat, as patients who may have a weakened immune system are at high risk from bacteria and disease. Bacteria can be easily transferred from outside on shoes and spread onto the hospital floor, which could put vulnerable patients at risk. With an antibacterial floor mat, hospitals can minimise the risk of dangerous bacteria being spread throughout the hospital by stopping the dirt and germs in their tracks. Another type of business that can hugely benefit from an anti-microbial floor mat are swimming pools and gyms. Where members of the public are walking barefoot in public spaces, germs can easily spread and infect the skin. An anti-bacterial mat will kill any harmful bacteria and minimise the spread of disease or infections such as warts, verrucas and other nasty conditions.

Anti-microbial mats can be installed in any area where hygiene is paramount. This includes:

  • Hospitals and any other medical facilities
  • Laboratories
  • Swimming baths
  • Leisure centres
  • Gyms and changing rooms
  • Food handling areas
  • Production lines
  • Warehouses
  • Animal care facilities
  • Residential homes, especially in areas prone to moisture or high traffic

Are Anti-Microbial Mats safe?

Yes, when used as intended, Anti-Microbial Mats are generally safe. The antimicrobial agents used in these mats are often chosen for their effectiveness against microorganisms while posing minimal risk to humans and pets. However, it's essential to follow manufacturer guidelines for proper usage and maintenance to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Types of Anti-Microbial Mats

Please see below the different types of anti-microbial mats and which will meet your requirements.

 Anti-Microbial mats for Bare Foot Wet Areas

Wet environments are likely to develop mildew and other germs overtime, especially in bare foot areas. Not only does this pose a threat to sanitation, but it can be displeasing to look at.

Our barefoot wet area mats contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. We recommend the Heronrib Non-Slip Mat. Provides a comfortable walking surface while barefoot and helps to improve hygiene standards.

Anti-Microbial mats for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Anti-Microbial mats work well in sterile and highly sensitive environments like hospitals. Stopping germs and bacteria holds a lot of importance to make sure patients, staff and visitors are protected. Please check out our hospital and medical mats for more options.

Grease and Oil Resistant Anti-Microbial Mats

Some of our Anti-Microbial mats are grease and oil resistant, suitable for food handling environments. They include drainage holes to allow grease, waste and spillage to channel through the mat, ensuring a non-slip, hygienic walking surface. This also prevents food contamination and helps stop the spread of bacteria. Have a look at our Herongripa Non-Slip Grease Resistant Roll Mats for example. Hardwearing and resistant to animal fat and oil with added anti-fungal additives.

Anti-Fatigue Mats with Anti-Microbial Additives

For people who are required to stand for prolonged periods of time, our Anti-Fatigue Mats are the perfect solution. Some of our Anti-Microbial mats contain anti-fatigue properties, ensuring comfort and hygiene in areas such as kitchens, bars and food factories. A popular choice of ours is the Comfort Flow Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats – comfortable mats that are grease and oil proof with anti-microbial to inhibit bacterial growth.

How should Anti-Microbial Mats be cleaned and maintained?

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to maximise the effectiveness of Anti-Microbial Mats. Here are some general tips:


  • Follow the Mats4U instructions for cleaning and disinfecting the mats.
  • Vacuum or sweep the mats regularly to remove debris and dirt.
  • Use mild detergents or cleaners suitable for the type of mat material.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the antimicrobial properties of the mat.
  • Allow the mats to dry thoroughly after cleaning to prevent moisture buildup, which can promote microbial growth.


Do Anti-Microbial Mats require any special considerations during installation?


While Anti-Microbial Mats can generally be installed like regular mats, it's essential to ensure that the underlying surface is clean and dry before placing the mats. Additionally, in high-traffic areas or environments with significant moisture exposure, consider using mats with non-slip backing to prevent accidents.

Can Anti-Microbial Mats completely eliminate all microbes?

While Anti-Microbial Mats are effective at inhibiting the growth of a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, it's essential to understand that they may not eliminate 100% of microbes. Proper cleaning, maintenance, and hygiene practices are still necessary to ensure a clean and safe environment.

How can Anti-Microbial mats be ordered from Mats4U?

Ordering Anti-Microbial mats from Mats4U is a seamless and hassle-free experience. When it comes to Anti-Microbial mats, you have two convenient options for placing an order.

Firstly, find the item you would like to purchase, where you can specify the size, colour, and any additional details required in order for you to proceed to the checkout process. Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can give our sales team a call and provide them with all the necessary information.

We understand that sometimes time is of the essence. If you're in a hurry to receive your Anti-Microbial mats, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 0121 313 6748 or emailing [email protected]. We are committed to working with you to meet your target delivery date. Furthermore, we offer free delivery within the UK, and for international customers, we have convenient delivery options.

Contact us today, and our team will be delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect, high-quality Anti-Microbial mats to meet your specific needs. You can visit our Contact us page or, during UK office hours, utilise our Live Chat to connect with our Anti-Microbial mat experts promptly.