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Waterhog Forklift Mat - Craemer Case Study

Karen Barber Quote

Craemer UK is a leading manufacturer of plastic wheelie bins, fish boxes, storage and transport containers and plastic pallets. Based in Telford, they supply to Local Authorities as well as the environmental, logistics & manufacturing industries.

The Problem: Craemer had issues with water and dirt ingress into their facility which led to safety concerns about forklifts skidding on the water and losing control.

Wet floors were also viewed as a health and safety issue for warehouse operatives working in the areas. Furthermore, the dirt brought into the facility would later need to be removed by a housekeeping team. 

The issues arose due to the movement of forklifts in and out of the facility, where dirt and water was brought into the facility on the tyres of the forklifts. The problem was exacerbated in wet weather.

Waterhog Forklift Mat

The Solution: Mats4U supplied and fitted Waterhog Standard Forklift Mats inside the shutter doors where the forklifts would enter the facility from outside. The area was shut down for a total of 45 minutes and was ready for use immediately after. Karen Barber, QHSE of Craemer went on to say, ‘I had excellent communication and very quick response from Mats4U when giving feedback.'

The Result: The Karen Barber, QHSE of Craemer UK said: 

‘I had excellent communication and very quick response from Mats4U when giving feedback. I found them to be very professional, with good knowledge of product and it’s capabilities and they were attentive to our requirements throughout.’ ‘The mats have helped by reducing the amount of water coming into the facility and reducing the skid potential of the Forklifts. The implementation of the matting is to help prevent an incident occurrence before it happens.'

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