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A range of high-performance chair mats provides a green footprint for your home or office.

Ecotex Enhanced Polymer Rectangular Chair Mat

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The Ecotex Evolutionmat is one of the top of the range plastic chair mats and has the benefit of many green credentials. Manufactured from an enhanced polymer that contains up to 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. The Evolutionmat protects your flooring from damage and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Chair mats have the added benefit of making your workspace more ergonomic and help take the strain off the legs and back.

  • Smooth Backing for hard floors i.e hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or wood flooring.
  • Gripper back for stability on standard pile carpets up to 9mm thick.
Features & Specifications


  • It is common today for most flooring manufacturers to void their warranties unless you use floor protectors; such as chair mats. Without protection mats, rolling office chairs damage surfaces by ripping carpet or scratching hard floor
  • The Evolutionmat is the perfect Eco-friendly floor protector for any small, medium or large computer desk space
  • Provides ergonomic benefits for chair user by providing easy glide movement and reduced leg fatigue
  • Protection against spillages and damage to flooring caused by chair casters, helping keep under and around your computer workspace tidy
  • Made from up to 50% recycled plastic
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