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Bubble Anti-Fatigue Mat provides comfort and well-being for your workforce. Experience the difference it can make in reducing fatigue, increasing productivity, and promoting a safer work environment. No more discomfort and hello to a revitalised and motivated team.

Bubblemat Anti Fatigue Mat

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Enhance the comfort of your workplace with our Bubble Anti-Fatigue Mat. Specially designed to combat the discomfort of standing for long periods, this mat is a game-changer for anyone seeking relief and improved productivity.

The raised surface of the Bubble Anti-Fatigue Mat offers more than just cushioning. It stimulates blood circulation and encourages natural foot movement, keeping you alert and energised throughout the day. Experience the benefits of increased comfort and improved focus as you breeze through your task with ease.

Crafted from superior rubber materials, it is built to withstand the demands of any workplace environment. Rest assured, this mat will provide long-lasting support for your feet, allowing you to reap its benefits for years to come.

Safety is paramount, which is why our Bubble Anti-Fatigue Mat is designed with ramped edges. These edges not only prevent the mat from becoming a tripping hazard but also ensure a smooth and seamless transition from the mat to the surrounding floor. Move freely and confidently without worrying about accidental slips and falls.

Features & Specifications


  • Raised bubble patterned surface stimulates feet and legs to aid circulation
  • Underfoot cushioning also makes prolonged occupational standing more comfortable
  • A choice of material depending on the demands of the environment (dry use only).
  • Complete mats suitable for workstations and interlocking sections are available for longer production lines.


Material Rubber mix, including >50% recycled material
Surface Finish Bubble
Product Height 14mm
Environment Resistance Suitable for dry environment
Installation Method Loose Lay Interlocking Mats
Tensile Strength 3 MPa
UV Resistance Yes

Use a high-pressure hose (not exceeding 60psi) to remove the dirt and debris on the mats. For best results use a mild detergent (pH 4.0-9.0) to clean the mats. Do not use steam or degreasers or caustic chemicals. Do not mechanically scrub the mats.

Ideal Applications