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Upgrade your workspace today with our Econolcial Anti-Fatigue Mat and witness the difference it makes in the comfort and safety of your employee. Invest in productivity and well-being!

Fatigue-Step Anti Fatigue Mat

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Fatigue-Step Anti Slip Comfort Mat - the perfect solution to provide standing relief for all workers. The mat's raised circular surface is more than just visually appealing: it also offers effective slip resistance, ensuring a stable and secure footing for every user.

Worried about spills or debris causing slips? Worry no more! Our mat features strategically placed open drainage holes that capture any liquid, drinks, food, or debris, keeping your workspace safe and slip-free.

The mat is designed with moulded ramped edges, these edges not only reduce the risk of trips but also allow smooth wheeled access, enhancing the overall functionality of the mat.

Durability meets functionality with our hardwearing rubber construction. Built to withstand the test of time and heavy usage, this mat will provide long-lasting performance, saving you time and money. It has undergone stringent slip testing to meet DIN 51130 standards. With this certification, you can trust in the mat's slip-resistant properties and reliability.

Features & Specifications


  • Superior Relief: Designed to provide standing relief to all workers, this anti-fatigue mat ensures maximum comfort and reduced strain during long hours on your feet.
  • Effective Slip Resistance: The mat's raised circular surface offer superior slip resistance, providing a secure footing and minimising the risk of accidents.
  • Open Drainage Holes: Strategically placed open drainage holes capture spills, drinks, food, or debris, preventing slips and maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Moulded Ramped Edges: Equipped with moulded ramped edges, this mat reduces the risk of trips and allows for smooth and safe wheeled access, enhancing versatility and safety.
  • Hardwearing Rubber Construction: Made from hardwearing rubber, this mat is built to last, withstanding heavy use and maintaining its functionality over time.
  • Slip Tested To DIN 51130


Material Rubber mix, including>50% recycled material
Surface Finish Textured with holes to allow drainage
Product Height 18mm
Hole Size 22mm
Resistance To Chemical Natural rubber offer limited resistance to chemicals and oils
UV Resistance Yes
Tensile Strength 3 to 3.5MPa
Slip Tested to DIN 51130 - R10

Wash with cold water, use a vacuum cleaner or use a pressure pump to remove dirt

Ideal Applications

Suitable for wet and dry environments. Will withstand welding splatter and spillages of other hot materials.

All industrial environments, Bars, Catering environments, and Areas where swarf is prevalent. Children's play areas.