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Experience the power of the Air Wide Rubber Matting and elevate your industrial operations to new heights. With its exceptional grip, superior protection, and noise-reducing properties, this mat is an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking industrial space.

Air Wide Rubber Matting

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Designed to excel in various industrial applications, this multi-purpose matting is a game-changer for enhancing safety, protection, and efficiency in your workspace.

Safety is important in any industrial setting. Our Ribbed Rubber Mat features a specialised ribbed surface that provides exceptional grip. No more risk of slipping and accidents for your hardworking operatives. With this mat in place, you can trust that your team will have a secure foothold, even in demanding work conditions.

Workbenches and tools are valuable assets in any industrial environment. This mat acts as a reliable shield, offering a protective covering for workbenches and effectively cushioning the impact of tools and apparatus. No more worries about potential damage or wear and tear; this mat is your ultimate defender. It comes to the rescue, serving as an ideal protective layer for your stock and components. Safeguard against scratches, impacts, and potential damage, ensuring your products are delivered in perfect condition.

In industrial environments, noise can be a significant concern. The Ribbed Rubber Mat plays a role in supporting your noise insulation initiatives. Enjoy a quieter and more focused workspace as this mat helps dampen noise levels, creating a more comfortable environment for your team.

Features & Specifications


  • Versatile industrial application: floor matting, workbench protection, tool cushioning, stock and component protection
  • Ribbed rubber surface for enhanced grip and reduced slipping risk.
  • Acts as a noise insulation aid, promoting a quiet workspace.
  • Durable and long-lasting, providing excellent value for your investment.
Material Natural rubber
Surface Finish Wide fluted ribs
Product Height 3m - 6mm
Resistance to Chemicals Resistant to water and most mild acids
Environmental Resistance Suitable for wet and dry environments, indoors or outdoors
UV Resistance Yes

Hose down or pressure wash using a mild detergent

Ideal Applications

Workbenches, Workstations, Walkways