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Stop dirt and moisture at the door with Frontrunner Plus Entrance Mats. The highly absorbent inserts combined with an open gird layer allows the mat to aggressively remove dirt and moisture from footwear and other passing objects. Clean footwear equates to safe and spotless floors which reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents. Perfect for high traffic internal areas and suitable for commercial and industrial environments. Suitable for mat wells and recesses.

Frontrunner Plus Entrance Mats

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Designed to combat both dirt and moisture, Frontrunner Plus offer exceptional performance. Its robust tread pattern effectively cleans shoes and wheels, while the open grid effectively traps debris. Additionally, the absorbent carpet matting inserts remove and dry moisture, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintaining a stylish interior. With slip-resistant certification and durability against wheels and heels, Frontrummer Plus is perfect for high-traffic environments like businesses, workplaces, and shopping centres.

Unlike aluminium matting, Frontrunner Plus is made from flexible PVC, allowing for on-site customization without the need for prior visits. It seamlessly contours to the subfloor and can be easily installed surface-mounted or within existing recessed mat wells. Moreover, modular units with ramped PVC edges are available for loose laying over exiting surfaces.

Available in 3 standard sizes. Frontrunner Plus Entrance Mat also comes in bespoke sizes (Frontrunner Plus Custom Size Matting) and roll matting (Frontrunner Plus Entrance Roll Matting).


Easy Installation

Our product is designed for easy installation, as it can be cut to fit on-site without the requirement of special tools or prior site visits. It seamlessly integrates with all types of internal floor covering, ensuring a cohesive and integrated appearance. Regardless of the good depths, our product is adaptable and can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Furthermore, it contours effortlessly to the floor, providing a seamless and polished finish.

Features & Specifications


  • Construction: Flexible PVC
  • Mat Height: 16mm
  • Diamond cut pattern
  • Certified EN 13501 - 1 : 2007- Cfl - S2 ASTM E648 : Class 1
  • Two layer open grid construction


  • Maximum dirt and mositure removal
  • Non-slip embossed surface 
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas 
  • Fire resistant
  • Heel and wheel-friendly 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick and simple installation

Simply clean with a hose or pressure washer.

Ideal Applications

Designed for indoor entrance ways.