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Velour Vinyl Backed mats for use in light to medium traffic entrances. Provide good absorption of dirt and moisture for use in entrance areas and around your building for spillage control or floor protection.

Velour Vinyl Backed Mats. 120 x 180cm. Black/White

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Delivery 1-3 Working Days 1 Year GuaranteeVelour Vinyl backed mats are effective barrier mats for light to medium traffic entrances or can be used for floor protection anywhere around your building. The velour face provides good absorption for drying footwear and removing dirt. Vinyl backing and borders. Available in a range of flecked colours and sizes to help improve the look of your building.

Velour mats are recommended for:

  • Entrances with light to medium traffic
  • Floor protection
  • Spillage control

For maximum perforamnce in entrance areas, we recommend you buy the largest mat suitable for your area. The more steps on the mat, the more chance it has of stopping dirt and water.

Features & Specifications

A. 100% polypropylene face offers good absorption and durability.

B. Flexible vinyl backing and borders

C. Flecked colours hide dirt to look better for longer

D: Easy to clean and maintain with a brush vacuum cleaner

Ideal Applications