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Our value all rubber scraper mat has a variety of uses. It can be used as an outdoor entrance mat, a non slip safety mat, a kitchen mat or an anti-fatigue mat. Large drainage holes allow the dirt, debris or liquids to fall away from the surface to give a safe walking or standing surface.

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Value Rubber Scraper Mat with Holes 90x150cm

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All rubber mat with non slip scraper top and large drainage holes. This multi-purpose mat can be used for a variety of different roles including:

  • Outdoor entrance mat - Removes heavy dirt and mud
  • Non slip safety mat - For ramps, wet and greasy areas
  • Kitchen mat - Stop slips and falls on grease and spillages
  • Anti Fatigue Mat - provides cushioned comfort underfoot

Dirt, debris and water can easily flow through the large holes to provide a safe standing and walking surface.

The mat is simple to clean with a hose or pressure washer.

Bevelled edging minimises trips and allows wheeled traffic to smoothly pass onto and over the mat.

Features & Specifications

A. All rubber mat proivdes a comfortable mat with excellent scraping, drainage and non slip properties.

B. Scraper top wipes dirt and heavy mud, sand, grit and snow etc off footwear.

C. Anti-fatigue properties through comfort of the rubber cushioning underfoot.

D. Bevelled edges enable the smooth transition of wheeled traffic over mat and reduce risk of tripping on edges of mat.

E: Slip-resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents. Non-skid backing keeps mat in place. 

Value rubber scraper mats are ideal for:

  • Entrances 
  • Ramps
  • Kitchens
  • Behind bars
  • Work stations
  • Industrial Anti Fatigue
  • Wet areas

Value Rubber Scraper mats are easy to clean. Simply pressure wash or hose down. The mat can be lifted for cleaning the surface beneath.

Ideal Applications

For further information see our article: How do good Anti Fatigue mats help?


Wheelchair Friendly