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How do good Anti Fatigue Mats help?

Anti Fatigue Body Anti fatigue mats are ideal for placing in areas where a person or persons have to stand or work for continual periods. Standing on a hard floor can lead to a number of problems with the human body which can severely contribute to muscle fatigue, stiffness and poor circulation. The areas affected in the human body are shown in the diagram below.

The anti fatigue mats found on the Mats4U website, have been tested to measure a person’s overall fatigue and energy levels. They have been shown to:

1. REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION BY UP TO 50% in the supporting muscles such as those in the leg and the lower back, when compared to standing on a hard floor.

2. REDUCE FATIGUE by promoting subtle movement in the leg and calf muscles, resulting in increased blood and oxygen flow.

3. In a real working environment employees recorded that they felt their FATIGUE WAS REDUCED BY AS MUCH AS 50% when working on anti fatigue mats, in comparison to working on a hard floor.

By doing so anti fatigue mats are able to increase worker productivity.