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Ensure worker’s safety with the anti-fatigue and anti-slip performance of the Cushion Max Anti-Fatigue Mats. Their rubber surface helps to ensure no potential slips, trips and falls will occur in the workplace and their anti-fatigue cushioning takes the pressure off the joints off those workers that have to stand for long periods of time, eliminating the risk of aches and pains and other potential long-term health issues.

Cushion Max Anti Fatigue Mats

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Anti-fatique non-slip mats

For reliable workplace safety, choose the Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mat from Mats4U. Not only does the product have anti-fatigue properties but is also built with bevelled edges to minimise trip hazards in the work place. Its cushioned surface alleviates stress to the back and knees and its low price makes it an excellent value workplace mat option, suitable for most industrial applications.

The surface uses non-slip technology, making it a perfect safety measure for both wet and dry areas. Plain black in colour, the mat can be laid in any room necessary, without interrupting its current décor and is easily manoeuvred from room to room. Keep workers happy and productive, and ensure your workplace health and safety is up to scratch with a Cushion max Anti-Fatigue Mat from Mats4U. Shop today.

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To learn more about the benefits of cushioned mats as well as to understand how it works, please watch the below video:

Features & Specifications

The features of the Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mat include:

A. Closed-cell Nitrile blended cushion.

B. Chemical resistant, grease and oil proof.

C. Diamond patterned top surface

D. Last 3x longer than traditional PVC foam mats.

E. Cushion Max is 5/8" (16mm) thick.

F. Beveled border provides a safe transition from the mat to the floor.

G. Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.


Thickness 16mm
Cushion Closed-cell Nitrile
Size variation +/- 2%

Cleaning instructions for Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mat:

Simply hose or pressure wash Cushion Max.

Simply hose or pressure wash Cushion Max.
Ideal Applications

Suggested use

The Cushion Anti-Fatigue Mat is best used in light industrial applications.