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Budget priced, heavy duty modular matting designed for wet areas. Tiles can be linked for custom sizes and shapes. Holes allow water and debris to flow through. Optional bevelled edges are available.

24/Seven Wet Area Anti Fatigue Mat Tiles & Edges

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24/Seven Wet is a heavy duty, budget priced, anti fatigue matting system suitable for wet areas. Drainage holes keep the surface free from standing water or debris that could otherwise cause a slip hazard (for mainly dry area version of this mat see 24/Seven Solid). The mat provides good slip resistance and fatigue relief for those required to work or stand in the same area for long periods.

For further information see our article: How do good Anti Fatigue mats help?

Each mat tile measures 91 x 91cm (3 x 3 foot) and can be linked with more tiles to create bespokes lengths and/or shapes. Each tile has two sides with adjacent male connectors and two adjacent sides with female connectors. The tiles can also be cut for custom sizing at 30cm (1 foot) increments and, despite being cut, can still be linked together due to connectors found on the base of the tiles.


For additional safety bevelled edging is available as an optional accessory and come in two colours, black or high visability yellow. These bevelled safety edges measure 8 x 99 cm (3" x 39") to fit our 24/Seven range of mats. Each edge incorporates a corner joint, which can be easily removed with a sharp knife following the guides on the underside of the edge, if required.

Please feel free to contact us on 0121 313 6748 or fax a copy of your set up to 0121 351 1991 if you would like guidance on your tile and edging requirements.

Features & Specifications


A: High durability rating

B: Drainage holes allow water and debris to flow through mat

C: Tiles can be linked together and cut to create bespoke lengths and shapes

D: Easy to wipe clean

E: Optional black or high visibility bevelled edges for safety


Construction Moulded General Purpose Rubber
Mat Height 16mm
Tile size 91 x 91cm


Profile of a 24/Seven Wet Anti Fatigue Mat Tile

Simply wiped down or swept. Foe heavier dirt you can use a hose or pressure washer.
Ideal Applications
  1. Production lines

  2. Workstations

  3. Wet areas