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Ultima Bare Foot Wet Area Mats

Ultima Bare Foot Wet Area Mats

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Wet area roll matting is ideal for covering long runs. Also sold by the linear metre for smaller areas. Flow through design looks great and gives a slip resistant surface that is comfortable and safe to walk on in bare feet. Simple to store and clean.
Supplied on a roll, simply select size 58x100cm and enter the number of linear metres you require in the quantity box, or purchase a complete 16m roll.

Roll matting which is ideal for use around wet areas such as swimming pools, showers, changing rooms, spas and saunas. Rolls can be linked together lengthways to create long runs. Curved design is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also allows water to easily flow through to leave a non slip surface for walking on in footwear or in total comfort in bare feet. Anti microbial treated to protect against mould, bacteria and odour.

Ultima wet area mats are easy to connect together to cover large areas and can be lifted and rolled for simple cleaning or storage.

Supplied in a width of 58cm and sold in metre lengths or in rolls of 16m total length. For bespoke lengths, choose 'Cut length' and enter quantity as the number of linear metres you require. E.g. for a 3 metre length of 58cm width, choose Size '58cm x linear metre' and enter Quantity 3.

Please call our sales office on 0121 313 6748 if you would like help ordering.

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A: Ultima is an interlocking modular mat for wet areas. Rolls are interlocked lengthways.

B: Non slip knobs on the surface of the mat provide a comfortable cushion for bare feet.

C: Self draining construction leaves safe and dry non slip surface.

D: Soft vinyl is warm and comfortable on bare feet and resists most chemicals and oils.

E: Bacterial resistant. Treated with an anti-bacterial additive for protection against the growth of mould, mildew, fungi and odour causing germs.

F: Ultima prevents the development and growth of bacteria and resists body oils and chemicals.

G: May be rolled up for maintenance, cleaning and storage. Easy to handle

H: Clean by mopping, hosing down or with a pressure washer.



Construction: PE/EVA polymers, UV resistant

Module width: 58cm

Full roll length: 16m

Weight: 2.2kg / sq.m

Height: 9mm

Bacterial resistance: No growth

Temperature resistance: -35C to +70C

Slip resistance: DIN 51097: A + B + C, DIN EN 13451/15288-1: 30°

100% recyclable

Wheelchair Friendly 

Ultima modular wet area matting is simple to clean with a hose, pressure washer or mop.

It can be rolled up easily, for when cleaning beneath the mat is required.

  1. Around swimming pools

  2. Changing rooms

  3. Toilets

  4. Spas

  5. Saunas

  6. Locker rooms