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StepWell OptiBrush Disinfectant Mat

StepWell OptiBrush Disinfectant Mat

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Stop contaminants and bacteria entering your facility on footwear and wheeled traffic with our StepWell disinfectant mat. Disinfectant sits in the mat and will disinfect soles and treads as it is walked over.

A high quality, heavy duty foot bath / disinfectant mat that can be used with disinfectants in order to control the spread of contamination and bacteria in your facility. The mat works by adding your disinfectant to the mat, which will be held within the walls of the mat, and as people step through the mat it will disinfect the treads and soles of footwear and wheeled traffic.

The mat holds up to 4,1 litres per m² of disinfectant solution of your choice and the Stepwell Optibrush will deliver it to the bottom of shoes and boots. Designed to be placed at the entrance to your facility to stop the ingress of contaminants and help you maintain a healthier, cleaner and safer environment for your visitors, staff and customers alike.

Heavy, non slip nitrile rubber backing will resist movement and will not crack, curl or split.

For your convenience we offer a 5 litre bottle of Pine Disinfectant solution as part of a pack you can purchase through us. We also recommend placing an absorbant mat after the disinfectant mat to dry the footwear after stepping through the disinfectant to help prevent slip and fall accidents.

How to use Pine Disinfectant with StepWell OptiBrush Mat:

Dilute to 50:1 and pour into mat to cover the base of the mat with solution. On average we recommend refreshing your disinfectant once every few days, but this will depend on the volume of traffic and the disinfectant you use.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy our highly absorbant Microluxx Mat as part of the pack and we will include the disinfectant for FREE.

  • Spill Control borders allow for containment of up to 4,1/m² liter of disinfecting liquid.
  • Brush fibers scrub soles clean.
  • Nitrile rubber backing offers excellent slip resistance
  • Standard sizes applicable in most doorways.
  • Works best with Quaternary Ammonium and hydrogen peroxide sanitizing solutions; can be used with chlorine bleach if diluted
  • Yarn: Coarse Continuous Filament Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Carpet weight: 1300 gr/m2
  • Rubber: Nitrile EXS
  • Body Thickness: 2,9mm
  • Border Thickness: 7,9 mm
  • Total weight: 5,2 kg/m2
  • Backing options: Claw
  • Size tolerance: +- 2%

Pine Disinfectant Technical info:

  • pH: 7
  • Colour: green
  • Container: 5 ltr

Hose or pressure wash clean. Hang to dry.

  • Entrances
  • Public buildings
  • Healthcare
  • Offices