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Non skid mat and rug underlay to stop mats and rugs moving on hard floors and carpeted floors. Sold by the linear foot (30cm) at a fixed width of 2 foot (60cm) or 3 foot (92cm). Minimum order quantity 2 foot.

Teebaud Non-Skid/Anti-Slip Mat and Rug Underlay

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Non skid mat & rug underlay sold off the roll by the linear foot (30cm). Minimum order 2 feet (quantity 2). Fixed width of mat is 60cm or 91cm (24 or 36 inches approx).

The most effective underlay on the market at stopping mats and rugs moving and slipping on either carpets and hard floors. Thin enough to remain unnoticed under your mats and rugs. Reversible depending on floor type it will be laid on. Purchase the largest length that will fit under your mat for maximum effect. Pieces can be laid together beneath the mat. Can be cut to size as desired. Cut approx 5cm from edge of mat or rug.

Place grey side up for carpets. Place black side up for hard floors.

To order, simply enter the length in feet (30cm) you require into the quantity box. Minimum order is 2 feet (Qty = 2).

Eg. For a 5 foot length of Teebaud Non Skid Underlay: Enter quantity 5.

  • Stop mats creeping on carpets
  • Stop mats slipping on hard floors
  • Stop slip & fall accidents
Features & Specifications


A: Reversible: Works on both carpeted floors and hard floors

B: Works on hard floors, including Marble, Tiles and Wood with grey side down

C: Works on carpeted floors using the white side down

D: Will not rot, break up, crush or fray

E: Totally anti-skid

F: Easily lifted and relaid without damage to floor

G: Simple installation requiring no tools

H: Prevents damp or mould build up

I: Prevents discolouration beneath mats


Construction Polyester fabric
Width 91cm (36in)
Length Sold off a roll by the linear foot (30cm)
Ideal Applications

Mat on wall-to-wall carpeting:

  • Cut TEEBAUD® about 1″-3″ smaller than the mat to be installed
  • Remove the plastic release liner
  • Place TEEBAUD®’s white side down, facing the wall-to-wall carpeting
  • Then place the mat on top of TEEBAUD®’s gray side

Mat on smooth flooring surface:

  • Cut TEEBAUD® about 1″-3″ smaller than the mat to be installed
  • Remove the plastic release liner
  • Place TEEBAUD®’s gray side down, facing the smooth floor
  • Then place the mat on top of TEEBAUD®’s white side


TEEBAUD® can be easily cut with scissors or a utility knife.

Floor Preparation

Prior to installing TEEBAUD®, the floor should be vacuumed, clean and dry. Do not install TEEBAUD® on a wet floor. In order to obtain a long-lasting non-skid performance, avoid frequent removal and re-installation of TEEBAUD® from its designated installation area.

Oversized Mats

If several pieces of TEEBAUD® are necessary for one mat, simply apply as many pieces as needed, side-by-side. Taping or splicing is NOT necessary.