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The Frontrunner Entry Mat aggressively scrapes dirt off footwear due to the robust diamond tread pattern. Once the dirt has been aggravated, it falls through the open grid to prevent the transfer of dirt. This creates a safe and clean facility and helps to maintain floor safety. The ideal mat for high trafficked indoor entrances and available in black and grey. 

Frontrunner Entry Entrance Mats

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Designed with a unique diamond tread, the Frontrunner Entry Mat effectively scrapes dirt off footwear in high traffic areas. While the flexible PVC open grid structure allows dirt and water to fall through, this system enhances floor safety and also reduces the cost of cleaning. Even with the open grid, the unique matting is suitable for heels and wheeled traffic including shopping trollies, pushchairs and wheel chairs. With excellent drainage, the Frontrunner Entry Mat will keep your facility safe and clean for staff and visitors. 

Easy to maintain as the mat can be rolled up and lifted for easy transport. Also quick and easy to install. Available in black and grey.

Our Frontrunner Entry Mats are also available in rolls and bespoke sizes. Check out Frontrunner Entry Roll Matting for rolls, and Frontrunner Entry Custom Size Matting for bespoke sizes.

Features & Specifications


  • Maximum dirt and mositure removal
  • Non-slip embossed surface 
  • Suitable for high traffic indoor areas 
  • Fire resistant
  • Heel and wheel-friendly 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces


Construction Flexible PVC
Mat Height 14mm
Mesh Close mesh grid matting
Drain Excellent drainage system
Construction Open grid construction


Simply clean with a hose or pressure washer.

Ideal Applications

Designed for indoor entrance ways.