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Anti Fatigue Mats Case Study: Delphi Product & Service Solutions Warwick, Warwickshire.

Delphi Product & Service Solutions

Delphi Product & Service Solutions, based in Warwick, design and manufacture components and systems for the world’s largest automakers.

Tom Gannon, Safety & Administration Controller at Delphi, contacted Mats4U for some advice on anti-fatigue matting for their warehouse.  

Mats4U conducted a mat audit, whereby they visited  Delphi’s premises during a shift and observed the workforce at their work stations. As a result, they recommended Hog Heaven Modular Tiles in order to provide them with anti-fatigue matting that was suitable for their operation.

Anti-fatigue mats are used in situations where a person is primarily standing in the same location for a long period of time, a warehouse workstation being a prime example. The mats are designed to alleviate stress to the back and legs by providing a cushioned surface to stand on. As a result of this, anti-fatigue mats can reduce fatigue and improve productivity. 

Hog Heaven Modular Tiles have outstanding anti-fatigue qualities for dry areas and are recommended for use in distribution and manufacturing where workers tend to operate in the same areas, such as workstations or assembly lines for example.

Delphi Product & Service Solutions

When returning to visit the team at Delphi a few months after the mats had been down, Tom Gannon expressed that the team in the warehouse are “as happy as Larry”.

Delphi Product & Service Solutions

When speaking with Dudley Gardiner, the warehouse team leader, he explained that his team work full 8 hour shifts on their feet, processing a minimum on 300 parcels per shift.

Dudley joked “I’m not getting any younger and these mats are great for protecting my muscles and joints.” Delphi previously had some  standard mesh mats in place, which Tom commented were “no better than a concrete floor”.  Dudley added that the new Hog Heaven mats “make a big  difference, especially when it is cold”.

As Eric Banning, a member of his team was passing, he agreed “they are very comfortable mats”.

The team at Delphi Product & Service Solutions are so happy with the mats, that Tom Gannon has since placed more orders of Hog Heaven Modular Tiles for other areas of the factory and warehouse.