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In order to stop dirt and bacteria from entering the premises, First-Step Anti-Microbial Tacky Mats are the way forward. It’s important for sensitive environments to keep clean and hygienic at all costs. Therefore, First-Step Anti-Microbial Tacky Mats are able to capture bacteria and fine dirt underfoot, meeting hygiene standards and promoting a safe, sterile environment. Perfect for hospitals, clean rooms, and other sensitive areas. Suitable for indoors. Supplied as 4 pads of 30 sheets, total 120 sheets.

First-Step Anti Microbial Tacky Mat

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Deploying First-Step Anti-Microbial Matting plays a crucial role in improving sanitation and meeting hygiene standards. People are liable to bring in germs, chemicals or any other dangerous microbes via footwear or other passing objects. Without effective tacky mats in place, this could encourage the spread of germs, enabling the risk of picking up infections and passing it onto others.

First-Step Anti Microbial Sticky mats are specifically geared towards sanitary environments like hospitals and clean rooms. When the mat prevents the transfer of dirt and harmful bacteria, the credit goes to the ‘tacky’ sheet treated with an anti-microbial agent. As soon as footwear and wheeled traffic comes into contact with the sheet, the adhesive layer captures fine dust particles and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew on the mat. This eliminates germs, thus helping to prevent cross contamination and keeping the premises a safer and cleaner place. Perfect for hospitals, industrial environments, and any other area where hygiene is paramount.

Once the top sheet captures is saturated with soil, simply peel off disposable sheet to reveal a new layer. Also comes with self-adhesive backing to secure the mat in one place.

Available in standard size 45cm x 117cm with colours white or blue. Supplied as 4 pads of 30 sheets, total 120 sheets. Best for indoor use.

Features & Specifications


  • Anti-Microbial treated
  • 45cm x 117cm
  • 4 pads of 30 sheets.
  • Adhesive backing to secure mat in place
  • Made from PE with water based acrylic adhesive
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Mat height: 1.5mm
  • Suitable for indoor environments
  • Self-adhesive backing that sticks to most floors
  • Weight: 3.25kg

Simply peel to reveal clean layer.

Ideal Applications

Indoor entrance areas

Clean rooms

Hospitals & Healthcare facilities



Industrial facilities