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Use Clean-Step Tacky Mats to protect your premises from unwanted particles. Designed to capture fine debris underfoot, thus protecting and keeping environments safe and clean at all times. 2 sizes in colours blue and white. Available in 60 x 76cm refillable 60 layer pads. Ideal for clean rooms, hospitals, and any other locations where hygiene is top priority. For indoor entrances only.

Clean-Step Tacky Mat

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In sensitive areas like hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms, hygiene is crucial. Fine dirt and germs can be found underfoot and on any other objects entering the premises. To control this risk, Clean-Step Tacky Mats are effective at maintaining hygiene standards in sensitive areas. Once installed, the adhesive coating attracts fine dirt and debris underfoot.  This prevents unwanted particles from entering sanitary environments and eliminates airborne pollution. Performs well in any facility where hygiene is paramount, whilst enhancing health and safety.

Clean-Step Tacky Mats contain 60 layer pads. Once soiled, simply peel sheet off to reveal a new adhesive layer. Designed with a sturdy rigid backing to keep the mat in one place, also assists in easy relocation. Available in 60 x 80cm, 80 x 130cm, and 60 x 76cm refillable 60 layer pads. Colours blue and white are available. Suitable for Indoor entrance ways.

Features & Specifications

Suitable for hospitals, clean rooms and other areas where hygiene is imporant

60 layers

Adhesive backing to secure mat in place


Simply peel to reveal clean layer.

Ideal Applications

Indoor entrance areas

Clean rooms

Hospitals & Healthcare facilities



Industrial facilities