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Lagune Bare Foot Mats

Lagune Bare Foot Mats

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Interlocking modular mat design for use in wet areas. Non slip and self-draining. Connecting tiles means they are ideal for covering large areas or irregular shapes. Supplied in 1 pack of 25 tiles (approx 1 sq.m).

Modular tiles can be assembled in a variety of designs and shapes. Each tile measures 20x20cm and they are supplied in packs of 25 tiles, (total = approx. 1 sq.m per pack). Lagune wet area matting is an ideal way of covering large or irregular areas. Lagune tiles have a built in connecting system that allows them to be easily interlocked.

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A: Lagune is an interlocking modular mat for wet areas, the ultimate in comfort.

B: Non slip knobs on the surface of the mat provide a comfortable cushion for bare feet.

C: Self draining construction leaves safe and dry surface

D: Soft vinyl resists most chemicals and oils

E: Bacterial resistant. Treated with an anti-bacterial additive for protection against the growth of mould, mildew, fungi and odour causing germs.

F: Lagune prevents the development and growth of bacteria and resists body oils and chemicals.

G: May be rolled up for maintenance. Easy to handle

H: Clean by mopping , hosing down or with a pressure washer


Material: Soft vinyl, resists most chemicals and oils

Module size: 20 x 20cm

Weight: 4.1kg / sq.m

Height: 9mm

Pack size: 25 modules / case (approx 1 sq.m)

Bacterial resistance: No growth

Temperature resistance: -35C to +70C

Wheelchair Friendly 

Pressure wash or hose clean. Mats can be lifted or rolled up for ease of cleaning beneath.

  1. Showers

  2. Around swimming pools

  3. Toilets

  4. Spas

  5. Saunas

  6. Locker rooms