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Comfortable standing mat designed for use behind stand up desks. Nitrile rubber cushion helps you stay on your feet for longer, helping you burn more calories and stay healthier. Attractive design to complement your office décor.

Getfit Stand Up Mat

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The Getfit Stand Up Desk Mat provides warmth and comfort underfoot, in comparison to standing on cold, hard floors.This makes it easier for you to stand up for longer periods whilst you work, to help you become healthier and fitter. The deep (5/8”) nitrile rubber blend cushioning is durable, covers the whole mat base and is extremely comfortable. The fabric top looks good and won’t be out of place with your office décor

Features & Specifications


A: This mat helps the user stand up for longer periods of time which can improve health for the following reasons

B: It combats ‘Sitting Disease’, a term coined by health professionals relating to worker tiredness caused by sitting down all day

C: Provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved ergonomics, improving employee morale and productivity. Reduced fatigue = fewer injuries = fewer sick days



Simply vacuum or sweep the mats, or use a damp cloth for any stains.

Ideal Applications


Reception Desks