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Considered the most high-performing entrance mats in the industry the Waterhog Classic is a heavy-duty entrance mat that is perfect for a number of commercial situations. The bi-level, rubber backed, non-crushable mat lets dirt and moisture fall to the lower level where it cannot be tracked further into the building.

Waterhog Classic Heavy Duty Entrance Matting

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The Waterhog Classic entrance mat is designed to stand up to heavy use. The bi-level construction means that dirt and water falls to the lower level of the mat where it cannot be tracked further into the building. Non-slip and anti-static, the Waterhog Classic can retain up to 6.5 litres of water per square metre minimising damage to surrounding flooring. Coming in a number of colours and sizes, the Waterhog Classic is perfect for high-traffic entrances, is easy to clean and comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Please note: Not recommended for use in areas exposed to grease or petroleum products.

Here's why the Waterhog Entrance Mat is the ultimate solution for maintaining a pristine environment.

Unmatched Dirt Trapping: The Waterhog Entrance Mat is engineered with a unique design that features ridges and raised squares. These high-performance features effectively scrape off dirt and debris from shoes, preventing them from being tracked indoors.

Superior Water Absorption: This mat is crafted with a water-dam border, allowing it to trap and contain excess moisture from shoes. The raised squares also function as reservoirs, holding water within the mat to keep the floor dry and safe

Durable Construction: The Waterhog Entrance Mats is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and last for years to come. It is constructed from premium materials that resist crushing, fading, and curling, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Slip-Resistant Backing: Safety is paramount, which is why the Waterhog Entrance Matting features a slip-resistant backing. This prevents the mat from shifting or sliding on different types of flooring, providing a secure and stable surface.

Versatile Application: Whether it's for residential or commercial use, the Waterhog Entrance Mat is a versatile solution. It is suitable for a wide range of environments, including homes, offices, schools, retail spaces, and more.

Eco-Friendly Choice: It is made from durable and recyclable materials, making it an environmentally conscious choice. Reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of a high-performing entrance mat.


Bi-level design: how does it work?

The Waterhog Classic differs from other mats due to its bi-level design, which traps moisture and dirt under shoe level meaning it is not tracked beyond the mat. The bi-level consists of two distinct levels or layers: a top layer and a lower layer. Each serves a specific purpose to enhance the mat's functionality. 

Top Layer: The top layer of a bi-level mat is typically made of textured material, such as raised squares, ridges, or bristles. This layer is designed to scrape and brush off dirt, debris, and moisture from the shoes of individuals walking over the mat. The textured surface effectively agitates and dislodges particles, preventing them from being tracked further indoors.

Lower Layer: The lower layer of a bi-level design is positioned beneath the top layer and is typically made of denser and more absorbent material. This layer serves as a reservoir to trap and retain dirt, debris, and moisture that has been scraped off by the top layer. It effectively collects and holds these particles, preventing them from spreading don't the surrounding floor surface.


Watch the video below to find out more.

Features & Specifications


  • The ridged, bi-level construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture below shoe level.
  • Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent any unsightly 'worn path' appearance through the centre of the mat.
  • Premium tri-denier polypropylene fibre system allows the fabric to dry quickly while preventing fading and rotting.
  • Gripper backing keeps mats in place and prevents carpet creep. Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute. Click to view: NFSI Certificate.
  • Water dam retains up to 6.5 litres of water per square metre.
  • Safe to use around electronic equipment. The Anti-static rating averaging 1.2KV with a maximum average voltage of 1.6KV as measured by the AATCC.


Face Moulded reinforced textile
Yarn Solution-dyed polypropylene
Mat Height 8mm
Face weight 24 ozs./sq.yd
Backing SBR Rubber
Size variation +/- 2%



Use a vacuum cleaner, extraction cleaner, hose or pressure wash the mat with water to clean.

A stiff brush can also be used.

Hang to dry.

Ideal Applications

The Waterhog Classic entrance mat is a versatile product that has many applications. The most popular include:

High traffic entrances (e.g. schools, offices, retail and leisure).

Reception areas.

Vending machines.

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