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Dot Rubber Matting Rolls: Versatile, durable, and safe. With options in colour and depth. They excel in various indoor environments. Resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals, perfect for kitchens, gyms, labs, and more.

Dot Rubber Matting - Synthetic & Nitrile Rubber

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Dot Rubber Matting Rolls, the ultimate solution for a variety of indoor environments. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, these matting rolls are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Available in two classic colours - Black or Grey - and two depths, 3mm or 4.5mm, Dot Rubber Matting Rolls offer versatility to suit your specific needs. Choose between synthetic or nitrile rubber material options, each offering its own set of advantages for different applications.

With an impressive temperature resistance ranging from -30°C to +70°C, these mats are built to withstand extreme conditions, making them ideal for use in a wide range of environments. Whether it's a dry indoor setting or a wet environment, Dot Rubber Matting Rolls rise to the occasion, providing reliable traction and safety.

The surface pattern Dot ensures enhanced grip and stability, minimising the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, these mats boast excellent chemical resistance to water, mild acids, and alkalis, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding conditions.

Dot Rubber Matting Rolls combine functionality with durability, offering a reliable flooring solution that stands the test of time. Elevate safety, comfort, and aesthetics in your space with Dot Rubber Matting Rolls - the perfect blend of performance and style.

Features & Specifications

Introducing Dot Rubber Matting Rolls, where innovation meets reliability. Engineered with precision and crafted from high-quality materials, these matting rolls are designed to elevate safety, comfort, and durability in a variety of indoor environments. With exceptional temperature resistance spanning from -30°C to +70°C, these mats thrive in extreme conditions, ensuring consistent performance across a wide spectrum of temperatures. From commercial kitchens to gymnasiums, laboratories to poolside areas, Dot Rubber Matting Rolls excel in every setting, offering a solution that's as resilient as it is versatile.

  • Material: Synthetic or Nitrile Rubber

  • Color Options: Black or Grey

  • Depth Options: 3mm or 4.5mm

  • Temperature Resistance: -30°C to +70°C

  • Chemical Resistance: Water, Mild Acids, and Alkalis

  • Applications: Suitable for indoor dry and wet environments, including but not limited to commercial kitchens, gymnasiums, workshops, retail spaces, laboratories, poolside and locker rooms, entryways, corridors, industrial settings, walkways, corridors, floor protection, sound dampening, stair treads, decking, roofs, worktops, vehicle lining, and shelf lining.

Cleaning Dot Rubber Matting Rolls is a breeze. Simply wipe down with a mild detergent and water solution, or for tougher stains, use a non-abrasive cleaner. Regular maintenance ensures these mats retain their superior quality and appearance over time.
Ideal Applications

Ideal for a multitude of applications, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial kitchens: In bustling kitchens where spills are inevitable, Dot Rubber Matting Rolls provide essential slip resistance and drainage capabilities, ensuring a safer and more hygienic workspace.

  • Gymnasiums and Fitness Centers: From high-intensity workouts to yoga sessions, these mats offer superior shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries. Their anti-slip properties make them perfect for areas prone to moisture from sweat or water bottles.

  • Workshops and Industrial Facilities: With their rugged construction and chemical resistance, Dot Rubber Matting Rolls are an ideal choice for industrial environments. They provide reliable traction on oily or wet surfaces, enhancing safety for workers.

  • Retail Spaces: Whether it's behind the counter or in aisles, these mats offer fatigue relief for employees who stand for extended periods. Their durable construction ensures they can withstand the constant foot traffic of busy retail environments.

  • Laboratories: Laboratories require flooring that can withstand spills of various chemicals while providing a safe and non-slip surface. Dot Rubber Matting Rolls offer chemical resistance and excellent traction, making them a perfect fit for lab settings.

  • Poolside and Locker Rooms: Wet areas demand slip-resistant surfaces to prevent accidents. Dot Rubber Matting Rolls excel in such environments, providing secure footing around pools and in locker rooms, while also offering drainage capabilities to keep surfaces dry.

  • Entryways and Corridors: As the first point of contact in a building, entryways and corridors experience heavy foot traffic. These mats protect floors from wear and tear, dampen noise from footsteps, and reduce the risk of slips in wet conditions.