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Supercoir Natural Coconut Matting offers durable and long-lasting coir matting that is perfect for use as a doormat or entrance mat in various locations. This eco-friendly matting, cut to size, has coarse fibres that effectively absorb dirt, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The high-quality twisted fibres prevent it from looking worn out and maintain a fresh appearance over time. It is suitable for covering large surfaces and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Mats4U provides the option to have the coir mat cut to size upon ordering, or it can be easily trimmed with a utility knife if the wrong size is received. This custom-sized coir matting roll is available in five different depths and is designed for versatile purposes.

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The coconut matting roll is crafted from superior Dutch commercial grade Coir, ensuring exceptional quality and value for money. It features a strong and sturdy surface area, with a PVC backing that keeps it securely in place, providing coverage for footfall in any area. The Supercoir Coconut Roll Matting is available in 20mm depth to suit various mat wells and recesses. It can be cut to size, making it suitable for both home and commercial use. 

This roll is ideal for creating custom-sized coir doormats to fit various entrances. Our heavy-duty coir door mats are designed to last for many years, ensuring that you get great value for your investment in high-quality coir door mats.

To order, select the width, then the depth and finally choose the coir mat size you require. 

Custom Coir Matting Cut To Size

Mats4U are able to custom cut your Coir mat into the size and depth that you require, which will be useful if you are looking for coconut mats to fit a unique shape or area. Contact us on 0121 313 6748 or [email protected] for a quote on a completely custom size coir matting roll.

Alternatively, if you want to customise your own coir mats, you can learn how to cut your Coconut Supercoir Roll Mat here

Learn how to install your brand new Coir within 20 minutes!

Features & Specifications


  • Twisted natural coconut coir face resists packing and crushing
  • Effective scraping of mud and dirt
  • Extremely versatile and easily cut or laid together to fit any shape or size
  • Ideal for entrances or mat wells
  • Strong PVC backed to prevent moisture and dirt fall through


Face Superior Dutch Coconut Fibres
Backing PVC
Total mat height 14, 17, 20, 23 or 28mm

How to clean your coir matting:

Clean the coir mat regularly with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Shake off loose dirt and debris from the coir mat
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub the mat with a mixture of mild soap and water.
  • Rinse the mat thoroughly with clean water.
  • Allow the mat to air dry completely before reusing it.
Ideal Applications

Suggested applications

We recommend using Supercoir Heavy Duty Coir Coconut Roll Matting for entrances with recesses or mat wells, which have a light to medium level of traffic.

Not sure what kind of mat you need? Take a look at our mat placement guides