When you first enter the gym environment the flooring isn’t something that you’ll initially be thinking about or even consider that it may impact your performance.

But in reality, the conditioning of the floor beneath has an impact on your performance and also your safety.

At Mats4U, all of the gym matting we sell is designed to create a surface that will provide shock absorption, noise reduction and prevent slips and falls. It's important to incorporate safety measures into our gym matting as we all know the gym can be a dangerous place so, minimizing risk is vital.

Used for either home gyms or commercial gyms, our gym matting is designed to cope with the usual rigors of the gym and able to handle the impact of heavy weights and gym equipment.

Features of Mats4u Gym Matting

Easy to Clean – As the gyms begin to reopen, we can expect to see high levels of foot traffic and an increased focus on hygiene and cleanliness levels. Our gym mats can help with this, they are easy to clean and don’t require any specialist equipment to maintain. Using products such as GermErase C-19 alongside our matting, will keep the floor and surfaces protected against harmful pathogens for a prolonged period of time.

Prevents slip and falls – Our matting provides great traction underfoot, allowing you to maximise your lifts or step with confidence. We are aware that gyms can be a dangerous place where slips and falls, unfortunately, are a common occurrence.  The surface of our gym mats will create a slip resistance texture that lowers the risks of incidents.

Installation – The installation of our mats couldn’t be any easier, simply place on any existing gym floor or clip tiles together without the need of any tools. Mats can be trimmed to fit any shape or size of area with a sharp cutting knife.

Noise reduction The matting we provide will help to reduce noise that's created from the crashing of weights, stomping of feet and the use of heavy gym machinery. This feature is perfect for training areas located upstairs and within home gyms.

Shock absorption – Being able to reduce the impact on the body during a workout can have a long-lasting positive effect. As the consistent pounding and can lead to joint pain and long-term injuries.


Your Performance

Having the correct matting beneath you can serve many functions to your everyday workout lifestyle. Knowing that the flooring can take the impact you will be producing will allow you to hit your maximal lifts and drop them freely.

Lifts such as dumbbell press, squats, clean and jerk are better utilized when they can be dropped after the completion of each set.  Dropping them correctly can prevent injury and allow you to lift heavier weights.

The benefits of having the freedom to drop the weights at the end of your movement can reduce the risk of injury as the tension that it could take to lower the weight gradually could result in additional strain on muscles and joints especially, while you're fatigued.

It can also give you the confidence to attempt heavier lifts knowing that if you are not able to complete it, you can safely drop it with minimal adverse effects.

The gym matting, we provide offers a good level of stability and provides a comfortable setting for exercises that are done closer to the ground such as yoga, Pilates, or core stability. Without the correct cushioning on the floor, these exercises can cause serious discomfort to various parts of the body which could affect the way the movement is carried out. 


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