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Don't compromise on comfort, resilience, or safety. Choose our Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat for its superior quality and performance. Experience the perfect combination of foam lightness and nitrile toughness, designed to make your work environment more comfortable, productive and secure.

Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat

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Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat - the perfect fusion of lightness and resilience, specially designed to meet all your comfort and safety needs in one outstanding product.

The secret to our mat's exceptional performance lies in its innovative construction. A soft inner layer acts as a cushion, effectively absorbing the impact from prolonged standing, thus reducing fatigue and discomfort for workers and individuals who spend long hours on their feet.

We understand the importance of maintaining a dry and hygienic workspace. That's why our Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat features a unique layer that encapsulates the entire mat, creating a robust barrier to prevent moisture ingress. This not only enhances the mat's durability but also ensures a clean and safe environment.

Durability is a hallmark of our products. The edges of the mat are expertly heat-sealed, guaranteeing outstanding strength and resistance to wear and tear, even in high-traffic areas.

The high-density composition of our mat goes above and beyond, providing unparalleled support and shape recovery. It maintains its structure and integrity even aft prolonged use ensuring consistent performance day after day.

With a textured surface, our Orthomat Ultimate Anti Fatigue Mat not only offers excellent traction but also captures dirt and swarf, preventing debris from spreading across your workspace. This feature keeps your environment cleaner and safer. Our mat is thoroughly fire tested to meet the stringent BS EN 13501-1 standard. You can rely on its fire-resistant properties to add an extra layer of protection to your workplace.

Features & Specifications


  • Perfect Balance of Lightness and Resilience: Offers the ideal combination of foam lightness and nitrile mat resilience, providing you with the best of both worlds for superior performance.
  • Soft Innter Layer For Enhance Comfort: The mat features a soft inner layer that cushions the impact from prolonged standing, reducing fatigue and discomfort for workers, resulting in a more comfortable and productive work environment.
  • Unique Moisture ProtectionL With unique outer layer, our mat is designed to encapsulate the entire surface, preventing moisture ingress. This ensures exceptional durability and maintains a dry and hygienic workspace.
  • High-Density Composition For Added Support: The mat is crafted from a high-density composition, providing extra support to users. Additionally, it offers excellent shape recovery, maintaining its structure and integrity over time.


Material Open Cell PVC (Foam) with PolyNit outer (fusion bonded, not glued)
Surface Finish Pyramid pattern
Product Height 15mm
Resistance to Chemicals In tests conducted by COBA, Orthomat® Ultimate showed no visible signs of corrosion or damage when fully submerged in both of the following chemicals: Castrol Alpha SP 320 Industrial Extreme Pressure Gear Oil and Pac 89 Phosphoric Acid Cleaner
Roll Length 18.3 m

Brush/mop the top surface

Ideal Applications

Demanding locations e.g. Engineering workshops