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Upgrade your static-sensitive areas with the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat and experience the perfect blend of durability, safety, and performance. Your workforce deserves the best - get your mat today!

Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat

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Are your employees constantly on their feet in environments that require extra care for static control? Our hardwearing anti-fatigue mat is specifically designed to meet the demands of such critical spaces, providing both comfort and safety.

The conductive top surface of the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat ensures the protection of both operatives and sensitive components. No need to worry about electrostatic discharge (ESD) arming your valuable equipment - this mat has got your covered.

We understand the importance of aesthetics and functionality, which is why we've incorporated a diamond pattern surface. Not only does it add an attractive touch to your workspace, but it also enhances slip resistance, preventing potential accidents and injuries.

Industrial environments often involve exposure to various chemicals, but fret not - our mat's top surface is resilient to many industrial chemicals, making it suitable for a wide range of applications without compromising on its quality.

Electrical grounding is made simple with the 10mm male stud fitted to the mat. Ensure a reliable connection to the ground to further enhance ESD protection and maintain a secure work environment.

The Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat has undergone rigorous testing to meet the EN14041 resistance requirements. Our commitment to quality and safety means you can rely on this mat to perform impeccably under pressure. With resistant value (Rv) of 9.8 x x 10⁷ Ω, this mat provides excellent ESD protection, giving you peace of mind and a more efficient workspace.

Features & Specifications


  • Static-Sensitive Area Protection - The top surface of the mat is conducted, offering reliable protection to both operative and sensitive components in static-sensitive environments.
  • Attractive Diamond Pattern Surface: Not just functional, our mat features an eye-catching diamond pattern surface. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal to your workspace, but it also enhances slip resistance, ensuring a safe and accident-free environment.
  • Resilience to Industrial Chemical: It can withstand the harshest industrial environments, the top surface of the mat provides excellent resilience to many industrial chemicals, maintaining its integrity and performance over time.
  • Grounded For Enhance Safety: The mat is ground through a 10mm male stud that comes pre-fitted. This simple grounding solution further improves ESD protection, making your workplace safer for everyone.


Material Vinyl top surface with PVC foam backing (fusion bonded, not glued)
Surface Finish Diamond pattern
Product Height 14 mm
Resistance To Chemical The PVC top surface provides limited resistance to chemicals and oils
Environmental Resistance Suitable for dry indoor environments

To clean the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat, wipe with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Avoid abrasive cleaners. Rinse and air dry thoroughly before use.

Ideal Applications

In the precise and controlled environment of an electronics manufacturing facility, where static electricity poses a significant risk to sensitive components, the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat proves indispensable.

Picture a bustling production floor, where technicians meticulously assemble intricate circuitry and delicate electronic devices. Every movement must be precise, every touch gentle, to safeguard against damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). In this critical setting, the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat emerges as a crucial component in maintaining both worker comfort and product integrity.

Strategically placed at workstations where employees handle sensitive electronics, such as assembly lines and testing stations, the Deckplate mat serves as a safeguard against static electricity buildup. Its specialised design effectively dissipates static charges, preventing them from accumulating and potentially damaging components.

Beyond its anti-static properties, the mat provides essential ergonomic support, alleviating the strain of prolonged standing and enhancing worker comfort. This ensures that technicians can maintain focus and precision throughout their shifts, without succumbing to fatigue or discomfort.

Safety is paramount in any manufacturing environment, and the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat rises to the occasion. Its textured surface offers exceptional traction, minimising the risk of slips and falls, even in the presence of spills or debris. Additionally, the bevelled edges of the mat prevent tripping hazards and ensure smooth movement across the factory floor.

Designed for durability and easy maintenance, the Deckplate mat withstands the demands of a fast-paced manufacturing environment with ease. Its simple cleaning process allows for quick tidying between tasks, ensuring a clean and hygienic workspace without disrupting production.

In summary, the Deckplate Anti-Static ESD Anti Fatigue Mat is the ideal solution for electronics manufacturing facilities seeking to mitigate the risks of electrostatic discharge while optimising worker comfort and safety. By investing in this specialised mat, facilities can uphold the highest standards of product quality and reliability while prioritising the well-being of their workforce.