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Retail environments such as shops are places that naturally experience a high amount of foot traffic, which is why shop mats and retail entrance mats are important. Not only is it important for your shop to look clean and inviting for customers but it’s also important that shoppers and workers are safe when in your store with shop floor mats and retail mats. From supermarket retail mats through to floor mats for shops and offices, there is a shop mat for every business with Mats4U’s great quality range of shop floor mat solutions including shop entrance mats.

Not only do we provide indoor and outdoor shop entrance mats, but we also have anti-fatigue, non-slip mats and logo mats all suitable for retail environments. Whether you need an entrance mat to keep dirt and water away, or provide comfort to staff with anti-fatigue mats, Mats4U have got you covered!

Our heavy-duty shop and retail mats are available in a range of colours, styles, sizes and backing options. Ensure your customers have a safe shopping experience and browse our collection now. Request a free mat sample to help your purchase decision.

Why mats are important for retail environments

Running a business encompasses a huge range of responsibilities and demands, so allow Mats4U to help ensure customer safety underfoot with our non-slip rubber shop mats; durable and long-lasting, these floor mats for shops help to ensure customers have a safer shopping experience, avoiding slips, trips and falls in the process. As well as helping to ensure safety, our non-slip rubber mats can also improve the aesthetics of your store and create a good first impression if used as entrance mats for shops; simply ask Mats4U to place your business logo onto a mat of your choice. The print will be in full colour and will bring a personal touch to your business venue.

Improve Health and Safety and Reduce Accidents

As already mentioned, shop entrances are very busy environments, which means they are susceptible to wet and dirty entrances, due to the high volume of shoppers walking in and out of stores daily. Dirt and water are transferred into buildings via footwear and other passing objects. As a result, slip and fall accidents may increase, creating an unsafe retail environment. Investing in shop entrance mats can avoid these issues and improve health and safety for all purposes.

Also, retail environments are also prone to spillages. Whether that is a customer dropping food or drink on the floor or produce falling from shelves. Using non-slip matting in areas prone to spillages in retail environments are a great way to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Reduce Time and Money Spent on Cleaning

Having an effective floor matting in your store can help to cut cost and time spent on cleaning. Stopping dirt at the door using effective shop entrance matting can protect your floors from tracked dirt and water, keeping your store cleaner for longer. The can also help catch spills to save time on mopping etc.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

As well as your customers, you need to consider the health and safety of your workers with retail floor mats. Staff that stand for prolonged periods of time during the working day are often at risk of joint and muscle pain. At Mats4U, our cashier mat collection will help ensure that risks of joint, muscle and posture issues are minimised, thanks to anti-fatigue properties. Whether you want a cushioned cashier mat to ensure your workers are comfortable on the job, a non-slip mat to help ensure safety underfoot, or a plush vinyl mat to sit in the door way and collect any outdoor bacteria and dirt, you will find a retail mat to yours and your staff’s needs.

Protect your Shop Floor from Damage

Footwear and wheeled traffic such as trollies can cause scratches, scuffs, damage and wear on flooring. The issue rises during busier shopping periods. Placing floor mats in the right places can safeguard floors from damage and keep them looking spick and span for longer.

Enhance your Shop Décor

Using shop floor mats and shop entrance mats can complement your interior design. They can really add to the finishing touches and spruce up the environment, giving visitors an excellent shopping experience and great first impression.

Types of Shop and Retail Mats

We have variety of shop and retail mats to meet your requirements. These include:

Shop Entrance Mats

The answer for safe and clean floors. Placing indoor and outdoor entrance mats can defend floors against dirt and water. By absorbing moisture and scraping dirt from footwear and wheeled traffic, this makes a safe, clean retail environment.

Anti-Fatigue Mats for Cashiers

As mentioned, some shop workers are required to stand throughout their work shift which can lead to discomfort, muscle fatigue and poor work productivity. Anti-fatigue mats are perfect in this case.

Shop Logo Mats

Having a logo mat in your shop or retail environment can really help you to stand out in the marketplace. It’s a unique way to convey your brand and also gives you the freedom to add any graphic, illustration or logo on the mat. You can also use them to enhance point-of-sale displays.

Need more advice on choosing mats for your retail store?

If you need more help on selecting a shop and retail mat, do not hesitate to contact our expert sales team on 0121 313 6748, or email sales@mats4u.co.uk. Alternatively, you can get through to us via Live Chat during UK office hours.