How do I clean my mats?

The mats featured on our website should be regularly cleaned to ensure optimum performance of the mat.

This can easily be done by using a hose pipe and / or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt trapped by the mat.

Please ensure the mat has completely dried out before using your vacuum cleaner on the mat.

A pressure washer or an extraction shampooing machine may also be used to clean the mats.

Our Tri Grip range of mats, Welcome/Message mats and Logo mats are all fully launderable and the smaller sizes can be put straight into your washing machine.

Learn how to clean your mats by watching the following video:


Denis Rawlins Limited supplies a range of machines that we recommend for the effective cleaning of your mats.

Click the following link to visit their website:

Vacuum clean your mat

Vacuum clean your mat

Hose clean your mat

Hose clean your mat

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