Do you have Anti-Static Mats and Static Dissipative Mats?

Listed below are some of the many mat products we stock that are static dissipative or anti-static.

Static Dissipative:

TriGrip Interior Mats
TriGrip Heavy Duty Interior Mats
Supermarket Mats
Nylon Logo Mats
Happy Feet Anti Fatigue
Happy Feet Linkable
Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue
Traction Tread Non Slip Roll Matting
PVC Anti Static Protection Mat with Lip

Anti Static:

Waterhog Classic
Waterhog Eco
Waterhog Premium
SuperScrape Non Slip Rubber Mats
Comfort Flow Anti Fatigue Mats
Waterhog Geometric Tiles

What is static dissipative, and how does it relate to anti-static?

Static dissipative means the mat can eliminate static charges when they come in contact with the mat. Anti-static means the mat will not cause static charges to be generated. Static dissipative mats are anti-static also since they eliminate the charges as they are generated. Static dissipative mats are safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment, since they will allow static charges to be conducted away from the person's body rather than allowing the charge to be discharged to the equipment.

Keep in mind that static dissipative mats are not designed to protect workers from high voltage electric charges. Mats for that application are made by a different process and are very conductive, not just of small electric charges.

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