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Warehouse Mats – A Buyer’s Guide

Many of our customers ask us to help them choose the right matting for use in their warehousing. With hundreds of mats available for sale, each claiming to be better than the other, it can be difficult to choose correctly. In our Warehouse Mats Buyer’s Guide, we aim to educate you to choose the right mats for warehouses and give you an idea about the various areas where you would use such matting and why.

Floor protection mat for a warehouse 

Workstation Mats

Used in areas where a worker stands in the same area for long periods of time throughout the day typically in front of their designated workstation.

Which mat to choose?

Anti-fatigue mats are a good choice as they help increase comfort and reduce worker fatigue brought on by standing for long periods on hard floors. The mat only needs to be a small size, perhaps between the sizes of 2x3 foot and 3x5 foot, as the person will not be moving around much.

Mat recommendations: Happy Feet, Hog Heaven, Comfort Flow

See also our workstation mats category here: http://www.mats4u.co.uk/industrial-mats/commercial-industrial/workstation.html


Traction Tread RunnerRunners

Used in areas where people walk or move around in the same areas throughout the day. This may be along picking and packing lines or along racking for example.

Which mat to choose?

Anti-fatigue runners can literally be rolled out along the aisles to cover large runs easily and quickly. The mats do not need to be as cushioned as workstation mats, because the workers are more mobile, so a rubber roll mat will be a good choice.

Mat recommendations: Traction Tread, Sure Cushion Ribbed, Vynagrip


Non-Slip Safety Mats

Use non-slip safety mats in areas around the warehouse which require traction and are at risk of slips and falls, for example in wet or greasy areas.

Which mat to choose?

Look for a rubber mat with a tread top that will give good traction. A bi-level mat or one with drainage holes will ensure that the liquid will not sit on the level being stood on by the worker.

Mat recommendations: Superscrape, Vynagrip, Comfort Flow

See also our Non Slip Mats section here: http://www.mats4u.co.uk/product/non-slip-safety-mats.html


Dust control mats

Used to reduce dust being tracked into other areas of the warehouse or out of the warehouse into other areas of the building. A typical place to use a dust control mat is between the office and warehouse.

Which mat to choose?

Cotton mats and mats with a twisted loop pile are excellent at holding onto dust and fine dirt. For optimal dust and fine dirt removal, you can use more specialist mats such as tacky mats. Tacky mats have an adhesive surface which needs to be replaced or cleaned once soiled to remain effective.

Mat recommendations: Crystal Cotton, Tri Grip Heavy Duty, Clean Stride Adhesive

See also our Dust Control Mats section here: http://www.mats4u.co.uk/product/indoor-mats/dust-control-mats.html


Forklift Mats

The tyres of forklifts can bring a lot of dirt inside as they move goods in and out of the warehouse. Use these mats at your warehouse doors where forklifts and other wheeled traffic runs over them.

Which mat to choose?

Choose forklift mats which can take the weight of a loaded forklift without moving or becoming damaged. They need to be able to scrape and wipe the tyres of dirt and store the dirt until the mat can be cleaned at the end of the working day. Ensure you have the recommended length of forklift matting for it to be effective.

Mat recommendations: Waterhog Forklift Truck Mats, Waterhog Premium Forklift Mats

Forklift Mat


Signage Mats

The walls are often full of signs, which unfortunately means that they are often ignored. The floor is the opposite and signage mats are a good way to get over important messages, warnings or directions for example.

Which mat to choose?

Choose a logo mat which will give a clear display of the message you’re trying to convey. The simpler the message, the better as you’ve only got a few seconds to make your point, so try not to overcomplicate things.

Mat recommendations: Superscrape Impressions, Superscrape Signature, Waterhog Signature

See also our logo mats section here: http://www.mats4u.co.uk/product/logo-mats.html

 Signage mat for warehouse

Floor Protection Mats

Used beneath heavy products, machinery or along walkways where floor could become damaged or worn.

Which mat to choose?

For heavy products and machinery, you need a mat large enough to cover the size of whatever is being placed upon it and it needs to be able to take the load without crushing. Mats with rubber reinforced nubs or made from a dense compound make suitable floor protection mats. For walkways, you should choose a runner mat which will stand the test of time depending on how busy the area is. Choose a rubber backed mat for durability.

Mat recommendations: Waterhog Classic, Traction Tread, Vynagrip


Additional Considerations

When choosing any of the mats for warehouses mentioned above you should also consider the following to check that the mat is suitable for your needs:

  • Is it a wet or dry area?

For wet areas, choose a mat with a good traction tread and a suitable backing that will not absorb the moisture. If the area is very wet, then choose a mat with flow through holes, so that the water flows away from the standing surface.

  • Are chemicals or grease involved?

Mats are made from many different types of materials, some of which may be negatively affected by grease or chemicals. Nitrile rubber mats are a good choice for resilience to most grease and chemicals. If you use very aggressive or specialist chemicals which may contact the mat, it is better to seek a chemical compatibility chart or talk with a mat specialist.

  • Are electrics involved?

ESD mats help to discharge electric and can protect sensitive equipment. Conductive mats help to protect the operator from electric shocks. Mats have different ESD ratings, so be sure to check yours is suitable.


What to do next?

We hope that this mats for warehouses buyer’s guide has made it easier for you to choose the right mats for your needs. You can view the Industrial and Commercial Mats section on the Mats4U website for suitable mats mentioned in this guide. If you are still unsure or have any further questions, then were happy to help you. Call us on 0121 313 6748 for more advice on mats for warehouses.