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Mats for Areas of Strange Size and Shape - A Buyer's Guide

Whilst we’re out doing Mat Audits for our customers, we occasionally encounter unconventional shaped areas where matting is required. In such instances, a conventional square or rectangular shaped mat is not suitable.

There are an endless list of areas in which this is an issue, but we commonly encounter mats required for strange sized or shaped areas, in locations such as the following:

Industrial locations:

  • Around machinery and workstations
  • Along lengthy production lines
  • In areas with multiple workstations

Office locations:

  • Curved reception areas
  • Around furniture fixed to the floor
  • Around vending machines / water butts

All locations:

  • Revolving doors
  • Entrance areas where people walk away in multiple directions
  • Entrance areas with multiple entrances
  • Along lengthy corridors
  • Mat recesses / wells

There are a number of mat solutions for such areas which we cover in turn below.

 Mats for Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are a classic example of where mats have to be cut

Mats to go around objects

Often the solution here is to cut mats to fit around objects such as furniture, machinery, poles, floor sockets etc. Not all mats can be cut however, so you need to ensure that by cutting the mat you will not compromise the performance of the mat.

Some mats may fray after they are cut, or the pile may come away from the base of the mat. Anti Fatigue (cushioned) mats for instance often have a filling which could spill out or become exposed to moisture causing it to rot over time.

If cutting is required, choose a mat which has the face fabric bonded to the backing, or choose a solid rubber or PVC mat which can be cut without damaging the mat at all.

Tiled / Modular matting systems are often a good choice of mat when objects need to be cut around, as they are more manageable and can be easily replaced if you make a mistake.

Mat Recommendations: Waterhog Geometric Entrance Mats Tiles, Titan Grid Tile System, Hog Heaven Modular II Tiles

Mats cut around objects

Mat tiles can easily be cut around objects

Mats for long runs, such as along Production Lines or along Corridors

Long runners or roll mats are the obvious choice when a long run of matting is required. These mats are easy to roll out and put into position. Simply cut to the length you require.

If the run is longer than the mat roll length, you have the option to butt multiple mats together or join them together, which can be done with a suitable adhesive. Ensure you use a suitable adhesive however, as some adhesives will cause damage to rubber or PVC.

Mat Recommendations: All Roll Mat Products

Mats for long runs


Mats for Curved, Circular and Semi Circular Areas

Curved matting can look great and for this reason we see curved, circular and semi-circular mat areas becoming an increasingly popular choice. The curved effect can be achieved in a number of ways, but the most popular that we encounter is with the use of mat tiles either laid in a recess or laid on the surface and then edged. The mat tiles at the edge of the mat are cut to achieve the curved effect.

One piece mats can also be made curved to your requirements, but this is not as common and fewer manufacturers supply these, which has implications on the price.

Curved mats are a good choice for entrances where visitors walk off in multiple directions once they have passed through the door, so a rectangular mat would not be suitable.

Mat Recommendations: Waterhog Geometric Entrance Mats Tiles, Titan Grid Tile System


Curved Mats

Curved mats can be achieved by cutting mat tiles to shape

Mats for Large Areas / Multiple Workstations

Mats are generally made to certain widths depending on the size of the machine used to stitch the face fabric or cut the backing. It’s very uncommon to have mats wider than around 2 metres. So when you need to go larger than this your options are typically limited to using a tiled mat system or fixing multiple mats together. Either way can work and it really depends on individual requirements or circumstances as to which method you choose.

We find modular / tiled systems typically work best in the majority of circumstances, because the joins appear more natural which will result in a better finish.

Mat Recommendations: Waterhog Geometric Entrance Mats Tiles, Hog Heaven Modular II Tiles, 24/Seven Anti Fatigue Mat Tiles, All Roll Mat Products

 Mats for multiple areas

Tiled Mats used for multiple workstations


Mats for Wells / Recesses

Despite how they look to the eye, in our experience the majority of mat wells do not have perfect 90 degree angles, which is why these come under the strange mat shape and size category.

When replacing the mat in a well, ensure you measure all four sides of the ‘rectangular’ well to determine the exact size of mat you need. It’s also wise to send the diagonal measurements to the mat supplier, so you can be sure you have the correct measurements.

We advise our customers to buy a slightly oversized mat, due to the fact that mats vary in size slightly due to the manufacturing process. You can then cut the mat to fit on site, which should ensure a snug fit inside your mat well, without any unsightly gaps at the edges.

Alternatively you can use mat tiles or metal entrance mat systems inside of wells. Tiles can easily be cut to fit the area required. Metal entrance systems normally require specialist installation which looks very attractive, but also comes with a higher price tag.

Mat Recommendations: Waterhog Geometric Entrance Mats Tiles, Titan Grid Tile System, Supacoir Coir Roll Mats

 Fitted entrance mat


Need more advice?

Choosing strange sized and shaped mats can be a difficult job. That’s why we’re here to hold your hand as much as you’ll let us. Mats4U have a team of matting experts who will come out and visit you to inspect the area that you need matting for and advise on your various options. We call this our Mat Audit service and it’s available to you at no cost or obligation to buy from us. Simply click on the banner at the foot of the page and fill in a brief form to help us make contact with you.

If you have any questions on anything mat related, then you can always give us a call on 0121 351 4444, where our team are ready and willing to help ensure you get the right mat you need.

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