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Anti-Fatigue Mats Buyer's Guide

With the various types of anti-fatigue matting out there, we understand that it can be difficult to select the correct type for your application. That’s why we have put together this handy buyer’s guide to help you in making the right choice.

The uses of and benefits of anti-fatigue matting

• Ideally placed in areas where workers have to stand for prolonged periods of time

• Used in a variety of different applications, such as at workstations, production lines, and food areas etc.

• Prevent problems caused by standing on hard floors all day, including muscle fatigue, stiffness and poor circulation

• Reduce energy consumption and improve the productivity of workers

Here is a guide to selecting the best anti-fatigue matting for your situation, in order to achieve the maximum benefit.

Wet or Dry Area

If you are working in a wet area, such as a kitchen or bar area for example, you need to consider the following:

• Ensure that your mats provide traction, to help prevent slip and fall accidents

• Matting with flow-through holes allows water to flow away from the standing surface, so that it does not sit on top of the mat

• Use mats which are impermeable to water and other liquids, so that they will not rot or become damaged over time. Avoid open foam cushioned mats in particular.

Mat Recommendations: Comfort Flow, Comfort MateHog Heaven

In a dry area, the main consideration is the effectiveness of the mat’s anti-fatigue properties. However you should also consider the following:

• Flow-through holes are useful in areas with debris/grit/swarf, which will fall away from the standing surface and minimise slip and trip hazards.

• Non-slip properties are also important as workers may be bringing in water, mud and dirt from outdoors

Mat Recommendations: Hog Heaven, Happy Feet, Comfort Flow

Stand Up Desks

Stand up matUK businesses are beginning to roll out stand up desks, due to the health risks associated with sitting down all day at work. Now known as ‘sitting disease’, it is being likened to a similar level of health risk, to that associated with smoking.

If you are using stand up desks in the workplace, you need to consider the following:

• Use a ‘stand up mat’ at each desk

• The cushioned mat makes standing up at your desk much more comfortable

• Enable standing for longer periods of the day

• Prevent aches and stiffness

• Reduce the risk of sitting disease

Mat Recommendations: Hog Heaven, Happy Feet, Cushion Max

Production LineProduction Lines or Workstations

If your set up is a production/assembly line, or a narrow area or corridor in which you frequently walk up and down, it is best to use roll matting, which is often sold in fixed widths and can be cut to any length that you require.

Mat Recommendations: Traction Tread, Sure Cushion, Soft Step

If you use static workstations by which employees work and stand for long periods, you can simply place fixed, standard sized anti-fatigue matting in the workstation area.

Mat Recommendations: Hog Heaven, Happy Feet, Comfort Flow

BespokeIf the working area is an irregular shape or size, you can:

• Create a bespoke matting area by using anti-fatigue matting tiles

• Piece together the tiles like a jigsaw to fit an area of virtually any shape or size

• Add bevelled edges and corner pieces for increased safety

Mat Recommendation: Hog Heaven Modular II Tiles

Grease, Oils and Chemicals

Comfort Mate Red

Using grease, oils and chemicals can cause dangerous, slippery floors in the workplace. In these kinds of situations you must take the following into consideration:

• Ensure your anti-fatigue mat provides good traction under foot

• Similarly to wet areas, it is best to have matting with flow-through holes which will allow any grease, oil and chemical to fall to below and away from the standing surface

• Purchase matting that is oil/grease proof, as well as chemical compatible to prevent the mats from cracking and breaking down.

Mat Recommendations: Comfort Flow, Comfort Mate Red, Cushion Station

Working with electrical equipment

ESD MattingWhen working with electrical equipment, you need to ensure that you have ESD or Switchboard matting in place, which protects workers from electrical shock by insulating against high voltage.

ESD matting is divided into three classifications, rated on how quickly it can drain static electricity.

1. Electrically Conductive accepts static electricity the quickest and is most often used for ESD matting.

2. Static Dissipative is the middle range of ESD matting.

3. Anti Static accepts static at the slowest rate, and is therefore not recommended when working with high voltage electrical equipment.

Mat Recommendations: Mats with grounding, Hog Heaven, Happy Feet, Traction Tread


Soft Step

Anti-fatigue matting varies in durability, depending on the material it is made from. Here you need to consider the application in which the mat will be used. The more punishing the conditions, the more durable and hardwearing it needs to be.

Budget anti-fatigue matting:

• Usually made from PVC foam or vinyl

• Best for low levels of usage

• Can be used as a temporary measure

• Little or no resistance to grease, oil or chemicals

Mat Recommendation: Cushion Max, Sure Cushion, Soft Step

Heavy duty anti-fatigue matting:Hog Heaven

• Made from a hardwearing material, such as nitrile rubber

• Ideal for heavy usage and punishing conditions

• Grease and oil proof

• Strong chemical resistance

Mat Recommendations: Hog Heaven, Comfort Flow, Traction Tread


Get Fit Stand Up Mat

Anti-fatigue mats are most often used in industrial applications where aesthetics are not at the top of the priority list.

However, if this is something that is important to your organisation, or perhaps you are using anti-fatigue matting in offices at stand up desks, there are options available that are a little easier on the eye.

Anti-fatigue matting is available with a fabric topping in a variety of colour choices, which can be used to complement your decor and branding.

Mat Recommendations: Hog Heaven Fashion, Get Fit Stand Up Mat

Health & Safety

The primary function of anti-fatigue matting is to improve Hog Heavenhealth and safety for workers, by providing a comfortable standing surface to help prevent muscle fatigue and the resulting aches and pains.

For an added safety feature, use matting with awareness borders. The brightly coloured borders increase safety awareness in the workplace. Ensure borders are bevelled in order to help prevent trip and fall accidents.

Mat Recommendation: Hog Heaven, Happy Feet

Need more help? We hope this buyer’s guide has helped you make an informed choice with regards to anti-fatigue matting. If you would like further advice, or to request some free samples, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 0121 351 4444, or by email on sales@mats4u.co.uk

We also offer a completely free Mat Audit service, whereby we will come to visit you on your premises, to examine your needs and recommend a suitable solution for you.

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