Stable Mats & Horse Mats in the UK from Mats4U

Stable Mats or Horse Mats are used to help with the upkeep of horses and other livestock. They provide warmth and comfort for the animals and save time and money on cleaning and bedding.

Rubber stable mats and EVA stable mats help to insulate the stables against cold, hard concrete floors and will reduce fatigue on the horse's legs and reduce wear on the hooves. Using rubber matting for stables also offers great cushioning on the joints, without the need of additional bedding. The addition of a hammer top helps to provide a non slip surface.  

Using horse matting also helps to prevent odours, compared to other bedding such as straw and wood-shavings. They are also easy to lift for cleaning underneath and for storage if required.  The mats can be used to fit out stables and/or to provide a walkway to the fields

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